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Tennis Star Maria Sakkari displays full support for Lewis Hamilton for upcoming 2022 season

The greek tennis star Maria Sakkari believes Lewis Hamilton will bounce back during the 2022 F1 season.

Lewis and Maria

Maria Sakkari the greek tennis player who is an ardent fan of 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has recently said that he is her favorite driver in Formula1.

Maria Sakkari

It has been stated in a video message by EurosportUK on Twitter that Maria Sakkari is a supporter of Lewis Hamilton and has admitted that she was a little sad after Lewis lost out on his record eighth world title. Maria Sakkari is ranked no.6 in the world and has so far won one career title.

Maria during her interview has quoted “who doesn’t like Lewis Hamilton.”

Maria Sakkari believes Lewis Hamilton will bounce back during the 2022 F1 season

Lewis Hamilton

The greek tennis star has full faith in Lewis Hamilton’s ability as a driver and is very sure that during the 2022 Formula1 season Lewis Hamilton is going to come back all guns blazing. During her interview, she said, “I was very sad with what happened at the end of the season, but I know he’s gonna bounce back.”

Lewis Hamilton

It seems the tennis star is backing Lewis Hamilton to have a spectacular 2022 Formula1 season. However, it is still not certain as to when Lewis Hamilton is going to make a decision regarding his future. Ever since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Lewis has kept a tight lip and it has led to the circulation of rumors of him retiring before the 2022 season.

It is believed that Lewis Hamilton is going to decide his future after the FIA comes up with something solid on their part regarding the ongoing investigation into the incidents of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Formula1 and FIA

It would be in everybody’s best interest that FIA is able to come up with something solid as no one wants to lose Lewis Hamilton from Formula1 just yet.

The ball is in the FIA’s court and it is up to them to make the first move before Lewis Hamilton makes a decision, like Maria Sakkari, most of the Lewis Hamilton fans want him to continue in Formula1 and deliver the exhilarating shows that he has been putting on for the Formula fans all over the world.

Max Verstappen chasing Lewis Hamilton in the Bahrain GP 2021

Moreover, people want to witness the Lewis-Max battle at least one more time before Hamilton calls it quits on his illustrious Formula1 career.

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