“The Aggressive Approach is Out”: Max Verstappen

Will Max Verstappen be able to bounce back at the top of the Constructor's Championship to halt the dominance of Lewis Hamilton when the season re-starts?

Max Verstappen

After the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton clearly showcased that the seven-time World Champion shall not bow down to any unnecessary aggression thrown his way and will do anything to stamp his authority. Ahead of the re-start of the 2021 Formula 1 season, his rival Max Verstappen talks about the term ‘aggressive’ and reveals that there is something about that term, he doesn’t like. 

Max Verstappen ends on a thinly veiled reference to Lewis Hamilton and their controversial collision in the British Grand Prix. Those who are unaware, we are speaking to the Red Bull driver shortly before he’s due to face the media on the Thursday of the Hungarian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen Opinionates on being ‘Aggressive’ 

F1 Warns Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

“I feel like I just race hard,” Verstappen tells The Race in an exclusive interview. “I don’t feel like I race aggressive. Of course, I will make it difficult if people will try to pass me. I will always try to make it difficult for them, to put them in difficult positions. But I think my awareness of where I can position my car is really good and I haven’t been involved in having another car off the track. I have zero penalty points. I think that says quite a lot. 

“I have been racing hard my whole career. And the last few years, the aggressive approach is out. I’m just making it more difficult for people. Of course, some people might think a bit different about that, but I actually think that the racing side is a really strong point of mine and I also really know how to stay out of trouble. But that is not always in your hands if other people drive into you.”

Lewis Hamilton on Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Talking about his particular incident at Silverstone, Max Verstappen stated, “I was very well aware where I was positioning my car and I also know that you go in with such a tight angle, especially from his side, from entry to mid to the exit you have to open up the corner, to give him the space. But he still ran out of space. From my side I continue to race like I did. And I think he will also learn from what happened there.”

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