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Toto Wolff admits to no clear-cut Mercedes domination; Expects competition like Super Bowl

Toto Wolff suggests other teams to make a run for the championship in the upcoming 2022 season as no clear-cut domination by Mercedes will be a compulsion.

Toto Wolff

The new regulations and Cost caps kicking in from the 2022 season onwards Formula 1. And Mercedes Team Boss, Toto Wolff has claimed that the new changes have greatly levelled the playing field. The Austrian gave his insight into the new regulations and competition ahead

Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff in an interview spoke about the competition that threatens Mercedes’s dominance in Formula One. The new budget caps and Regulations have bought a new set of challenges and unpredictability in the playing field. The new cost caps have added restrictions to the development of engines and that has put the current constructor’s champions in a tricky situation.

“I believe that the budget cap will adjust a lot. If someone finds a loophole and runs away with it, everyone will recreate it. The cars will all be very similar. There can still be differences in the first year. After that, it will balance out. There will no longer be a team that drives a second ahead.”

Red Bull and Mercedes

The Austrian described the situation as, “the teams that had deep pockets weren’t particularly happy that we lost an advantage there. But the whole thing has degenerated into an arms race between Red Bull, Ferrari and us. Now everything will be more balanced. I think there are five or six teams that can win in the future. That’s good for sports. It’s not always the same team that wins the Super Bowl.”

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The Challenge ahead for Mercedes

Toto Wolff and George Russell

Toto Wolff described the changes in operations post the cost cap as the biggest challenge for Mercedes. The 8-time Constrictors Champions have dominated the sport for a long time but due to changes in Engine regulations, they have had to cut corners. The German team based out of Brackley have a budget set at $140million in 2022.

Toto Wolff admits to no clear-cut Mercedes domination; Expects competition like Super Bowl 2

Wolff said, “That we had to carry out a restructuring that not only affected people, but also essential processes had to be changed. For example, for the first time, we had to train financial engineers to identify cost savings along the entire value chain.”

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Toto also expects Red Bull to challenge and give a tough fight for the Constructors title. Mercedes continued their winning streak and picked up the Constructors championship on the last day but lost the Drivers fight to Max Verstappen of Red Bull. Wolff, who has been working with Mercedes since 2013 described the rivalry with Red Bull by comparing them with Ferrari.

Red Bull, Mercedes

With the Ferrari, the power came from the engine. We knew then that we could beat them if we managed to make up for the deficit on the straights. Ferrari also made more mistakes. With Red Bull, it was an open exchange of blows, like two boxers alternating punches” said the Austrian.

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