Red Bull Cannot Be Beaten on the Straight: Toto Wolff Sees Advantage Disappearing

Will Toto Wolff's Mercedes be able to bounce back against Red Bull at the Styrian Grand Prix?

Max Verstappen driving for Red Bull Racing

The last three Grand Prix has only gone onto show never-seen before misery of Mercedes in-front of Red Bull in the turbo hybrid era. Haven been out-done for consecutive races; Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff believes that with the current package and power chassis what the Austrian Team possesses it is very difficult to beat them. Especially after Red Bull gaining so much momentum. 

Red Bull recently went onto fetch three straight Grand Prix win, which was achieved for the firt time in turbo hybrid era. Moreover, Toto Wolff knows that his team is at a disadvantage compared to the RB18B. Especially on the straights, Mercedes has seen its previous dominance disappear. 

What did Toto Wolff Opinionate Upon Red Bull Ahead of Styrian Grand Prix 

“I have no illusions, Wolff begins in conversation with Speedweek“With the current package that Red Bull has with the power and the good chassis, they are very difficult to crack.” 

Wolff continued, “We no longer have the advantage we had on the straights. And power up the mountain, that’s the only chance you have. Or on the following straight, you have to be faster, and we are not at the moment. You have clearly made a big leap, bigger than we did, you can see it on the straights now, there is no passing it at the moment.” 

Max Verstappen Monaco Grand Prix
Max Verstappen

Wolff isn’t thinking of giving up for this year either. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because it would only create a backlog for the following seasons. “Any backlog that you open up will be difficult to catch up next year”, explains Wolff. “But you have to be careful: If you think you are clever and stop early and come to the conclusion that it was not enough, you have not only thrown away one World Cup, but also the one after that.” 

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