“Wait for Bahrain… They still want to hide them here,” Reports claim F1 teams are hiding spicy upgrades in Barcelona testing

Rumours are that F1 Teams are reserving key parts for the Pre-season Test in Bahrain.

It’s officially Lights Out as the Formula One season is officially underway. The First Pre-season testing has begun in Barcelona and teams are prepping their new cars and trying out ingenious Aerodynamic packages for the 2022 F1 season.

Ahead of a new season with regulation changes in play, every lap is under immense scrutiny and engineers are finding out innovative ways to lose advantageous seconds in their lap times around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. And with just three days in hand every minute of testing matters.

And with every new development that a team makes, their rivals will keep a close eye to make sure they can replicate the success if not improve more. And the latest rumours from the trackside is that teams are choosing to reveal their secrets later in Bahrain.

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Teams to “Shoot hot details” in Bahrain GP

Red Bull
Sidepod Comparison

With new regulations in place, many midfield and backmarkers in the grid have a level playing field to contest for titles. So it’s no new news that teams will be highly secretive of their aero packages and shall be keeping a close eye on their rivals. There will be tense scrutiny if a particular driver or team manages to fly past the rest and hence teams have apparently chosen to keep a low profile.

A veteran engineer working for one of the teams on the grid had told “Wait for the test in Bahrain. All the teams will shoot hot details there. They still want to hide them here so that the FIA ​​doesn’t thwart them.” The rumour mill has since not gone quite with many speculating teams to unveil new or different packages at the Bahrain Test.

Bahrain will be a great place to do improvements at. As all of the constructors are based in Europe, new improvements noted in any of the cars will see engineers and designers in every other team burning the midnight oil and replicating the same. This will be a major disadvantage and hence teams will choose to analyse their results from Barcelona and reserve the improvements for the Second Pre-season test.

The Sakhir race track will host the second and ‘Official’ Pre-season test on March 10-12, one week before the first race of the season in the very same. This means if a team spots an improvement, there will be very little time to fabricate the part from Europe and transport it to Bahrain by March 18th when the First Practice session of the Bahrain Grand Prix begins.

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