What is the Worth of Lando Norris Watch?

Find out Lando Norris' watch collection and his obsession with one specific brand

Lando Norris wearing a Richard Mille
Lando Norris a wearing Richard Mille watch

Lando Norris has cemented his position in one of the most competitive motorsports in the world at an age of 22. McLaren’s wonder boy has kickstarted his career like most drivers want to. He started early at a tender age of 18. Then it was no looking back for this ever so enthusiastic prodigy of McLaren. It’s still early days for him but it seems like he has been in the sport forever.

The mercurial Briton has taken the sport by storm and was justly rewarded with a multi million dollar contract extension by McLaren returning the trust he has shown with the team. He’s an integral part of McLaren and Zak Brown’s long term project. This long term contract extension means a permanent seat in Formula 1 for the foreseeable future and also a bag load of money for this up and coming driver.

What is Lando Norris’ Net worth?

Lando Norris
Lando Norris
Current Net Worth$280 Million
Annual Salary$30 Million
Taxes Paid$4 Million
Cars Owned13
Family Assets$300 Million
Yachts Owned5
Mansions Owned9
Weight64 kg

Lando Norris definitely has the money to make his dreams come true outside of the track. Apart from his publicly known love for cars, he’s an enthusiast when it comes to watches and has an illustrious collection of the world’s most expensive and unique watches.

List of Luxury watched owned by Lando Norris

Lando Norris
Lando Norris
List of Luxury WatchesPrice
 Patek Philippe $210,000 USD
 Rolex  $130,000 USD
 Blancpain $400,000 USD
 Richard Mille $150,000 USD
 Cartier $250,000 USD
 Bovet Fleurier $120,000 USD
 Glashutte $175,000 USD
 Harry Winston  $175,000 USD
 Breitling   $45,000 USD
 Tag Heuer  $15,000 USD

Lando Norris’ obsession with Richard Mille watches

Lando Norris

Lando Norris, like most Formula 1 drivers have this obsession with Richard Mille watches. Whether it’s Carlos Sainz or Daniel Ricciardo, the love for this specific brand of watch is immense. The stylish Briton has been wearing the McLaren-spec Flyback Chronograph in his vintage style. The piece’s case features a cool carbon TPT that’s interlaced with orange quartz TPT.

There’s only 500 of these watches that have been made in the world with each nearly costing a whopping half a million dollars. But when you are raking in the money like Lando is, the amount just becomes a number. It so happened that one of his watches stolen during the final of the UEFA Euro 2020 at Wembley, as confirmed by McLaren F1 racing team, but Lando shrugged it off like it wasn’t anything.

Lando Norris’ watch collection is one to die for. Whether it’s on or off the track, Lando Norris knows how to get the business with class and grace. The Briton is the perfect blend of class and controlled aggression. He continues his preparation for the new season as McLaren hopes to at least become the ‘best of the rest.

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