Who is Nicholas Latifi’s father? Is he rich?

Find out everything Nicholas Latifi's father and his wealth

Canadian racing driver Nicholas Latifi
Canadian racing driver Nicholas Latifi

Nicholas Latifi has had it tough in Formula 1 ever since the controversy that happened in Abu Dhabi. It wasn’t a fault of his own but he still grabbed the headlines as it costed Lewis Hamilton the historic 8th world championship. Nicholas Latifi crashed out on the 54th lap of Abu Dhabi GP, the 2021 season finisher, which brought out the safety car and prompted a controversial un-lapping decision from race director Michael Masi eventually giving Max Verstappen the chance to secure his maiden world title.

One of this major criticism that he has faced in his career is that he hasn’t made it to Formula1 on sheer talent and has bought his ticket to the sport.

Who is Nicholas Latifi’s father?

Nicholas Latifi with his father Michael Latifi
Nicholas Latifi with his father Michael Latifi

Nicholas Latifi has been brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth and that’s because of his ultra successful and rich father who has backed him all the way in his journey to become a Formula 1 driver. Nicholas Latifi is the son of Michael Latifi, an Iranian-Canadian businessman who runs Sofina Foods, Inc. is the CEO of and also the owner of Nidala, a British Virgin Islands company. His mother is also pretty rich as she founded the dairy company Saputo Inc. As reported by sportsjone.

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Is Nicholas Latifi’s father rich?

Nicholas latifi with his family
Nicholas Latifi with his family

Nicholas Latifi’s father, Michael Latifi, is as rich as it comes. His net worth is around 2 billion dollars. The man is an Iranian-Canadian businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He is a proud owner of his business, Sofia Foods. The business makes millions of dollars which makes him one of the richest Iranians in the world. He recently invested in McLaren and also into Woking automobile manufacturer, making his entry into F1, as reported by sportitnow.

Nicholas Latifi has had it easy throughout his career with the kind of backing that he has had from his father, Michael Latifi. But it’s about time for the driver to showcase his talent or he might also earn the tag of a “pay driver” just like Lance Stroll.

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