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Why is George Russell “Keen” to See Lewis Hamilton Win the 2021 World Championship?

George Russell thinks it is exceptional that Lewis Hamilton is still in the title fight, and wants to see him win the 2021 F1 title.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell

The 2021 Formula 1 season is coming to an end and the World Championship is still up for grabs. With the last Abu Dhabi Grand Prix left to go, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen enter the track on equal footing, making this race the decider. As tensions run high, there have been several opinions about who would clinch the world championship this year.

Among those who support Hamilton there is George Russell, the young Williams driver who will be the Brit’s partner next year. Russell earned himself a seat at Mercedes for the 2022 season, as Valtteri Bottas makes the move to Alfa Romeo.

Hamilton and Verstappen are both at 369.5 points ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which will be the deciding race of this very intense season. Russell believes that it is “exceptional” that Lewis Hamilton is still even in the fight for title contention, going for his record breaking eighth win.

George Russell Wants “Exceptional” Lewis Hamilton to Win

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell

George Russell stated that he wanted the Brit to win the world Championship once more. “I think what Max [Verstappen] has done this year has been incredible. What he’s done over all these years has been really great,” said Russell according to express.co.uk.

While he praised Red Bull for having exceptional machinery and drivers this year, he believes that Hamilton should win the title. He believes that both drivers deserve the win, even though it may be for different reasons.

As George Russell prepares for his last race with Williams, he has reminisced on the past year the he has had with the team. “I think they’ve helped me to become a better all-round driver in particular. I got to know the technical side of the sport better and was able to develop my skills to become a better Formula One driver,” said Russell.

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