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“You’re Scaring Me More Every Week”: Pierre Gasly Denies to Give Yuki Tsunoda His Address

Get to know the latest video of the AlphaTauri drivers Gasly and Tsunoda which has left race fans in splits.

Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda

Safe to say, the relation between the driver of both Red Bull Racing and sister team AlphaTauri has been quite relaxed and pleasant. With all four Honda drivers shown bonding on a couple of occasions already in the 2021 F1 season. In the latest video released on promotional video of the team Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda’s relation is noticed to be even more relaxed as witnessed by the race fans during the Q&A session. 

The last question was directed towards both the drivers indicating to inquire if they will ever visit each other’s home. To which Tsunoda replied by stating that it is easiest thing would be to go to Gasly’s house and sleep together. Just when Yuki wanted to add more, he was quickly interrupted by Pierre Gasly. 

Pierre Gasly Would Not Let Yuki Tsunoda Sleep Together 

Pierre Gasly

The latter isn’t too keen on his teammate’s plan, repeating at the conclusion of the conversation: “We’re going to sleep together! What’s your address?” It should come as no surprise that he doesn’t get the address. “Yuki, you’re scaring me more and more every week,” Pierre Gasly responded as quoted by GPBlogs

Yuki Tsunoda

Moments later, the two walk through the pit lane and the Frenchman said he has already taken precautions for an unannounced visit from his teammate. “I called security and told them if a crazy Japanese guy comes to the reception, they should never let him in,” the Frenchman joked.

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