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Zak Brown warns F1 to not take Lewis Hamilton’s return ‘for granted’

McLaren's Team Principal Zak Brown on Lewis Hamilton's retirement rumors.

Zak and Lewis

McLaren’s Formula1 Team Principal Zak Brown has warned the Formula1 fraternity of assuming that the former 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is going to return.

It has been stated in GPfans that as per Zak Brown Formula1 should not take Lewis Hamilton’s return to the sport “for granted.”

Lewis Hamilton has kept a tight lip ever since his interview with Jenson Button after the controversial ending of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and is yet to come out and speak on the matter in public.

Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes lodged two complaints against the Abu Dhabi Grand which they later decided to withdraw and while speaking on the matter their Team Principal Toto Wolff recently during an interview indicated that both he and Lewis were left “disillusioned” with the sport at that time and this led to rumors of Lewis not coming back to the sport.

Toto and Lewis

McLaren team Principal Zak Brown was recently asked to comment on Lewis Hamilton’s retirement rumors and the latter said “I would be shocked if he stopped so I don’t think anyone should take for granted he’s coming back, which my personal opinion is he’s going to.”

But I don’t think we should discount or not recognize his frustration, his anger.”

Maybe he hasn’t made a decision and maybe what he’s doing is taking time to make that decision to make sure, because once that decision is made, that decision’s made.”

Zak Brown

So I don’t think we should rule it out, or make light of it. I just personally think he still has a burning desire to race and that will ultimately drive his decision. But that’s just one man’s opinion.”

Lewis Hamilton is at the top of his game and wants to race

Lewis Hamilton

The Mercedes Formula1 team has not been able to come up with anything solid regarding Lewis Hamilton’s Formula1 status and at the moment everything is up in the air, and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has recently said that it is really hard to comment on the Lewis situation.

Despite all the shenanigans that have been going on regarding Lewis Hamilton’s retirement, Zak Brown is adamant that his competitive drive is going to push him to make a return to the sport.

Lewis and Max

“He’s a racing driver. He’s at the top of his game.” Brown added.

Sure, he’s very angry but racecar drivers want to race. I think he’s a fighter and he’ll want to come back and win an eighth championship. I don’t think he’s ready to retire.”

I don’t think he’s ready to hang it up. And I don’t think he’s going to let an incident put him into retirement.”

Lewis Hamilton

It seems Zak Brown is pretty confident about Lewis Hamilton returning and if this is the case then it bodes well for all the Lewis Hamilton fans and also for the sport.

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