WATCH: A horrific incident at the start of F2 race leaves fans in shock

A horrific incident has taken place during the start of the F2 race in Jeddah, as the session was red-flagged.

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix
Saudi Arabia Grand Prix

A terrible incident took place during the start of the F2 race in Jeddah on Sunday evening. The race was red-flagged after just 20 seconds of action due to crash during the opening lap.

Alfa Romeo junior driver, Theo Pourchaire stalled his car on the grid, which left him stranded in the middle of nowhere. He was struck by the another driver on the grid who was accelerating. Enzo Fittipaldi struck the back of Theo’s car which looked to be a pretty nasty incident.

The red flags were immediately deployed, as the session was stopped for a period of time. The two drivers were sent for immediate medical action following their high impact crash.

FIA issues statement on the horrific incident

FIA were prompt to issue a statement regarding the crash on the opening lap of the F2 race in Saudi Arabia. Both drivers were taken to the hospital, and were conscious while they were pulled from their cars.

The FIA advises that an incident occurred during the FIA Formula 2 Feature Race start today, 05/12/21, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, involving car #10, Théo Pourchaire, and car #14, Enzo Fittipaldi,” read a statement from the FIA.

The drivers were immediately attended to by emergency and medical crews. The drivers were conscious and extricated by the attending medical crews. Both have been transferred by ambulance and helicopter to King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah,” it added.

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