Alex Albon uses the simulator ’20 days a month’ at Red Bull

Alex Albon uses the simulator ’20 days a month’ at Red Bull

Alex Albon

Alex Albon was demoted to a reserve driver at Red Bull, after failing to perform on a consistent basis last season. Albon was given the nod over Pierre Gasly, as the Thai driver replaced Gasly at Red Bull midway through the 2019 season. He raced for Red Bull throughout the 2020 season, but did not have a meaningful impact.

At the end of last season, Alex Albon was replaced by the experienced Mexican driver, Sergio Perez. The 31-year old has proved his worth this season, and has already won one race so far. Albon revealed that he spends about 20 days of the month in the simulator.

“Obviously Red Bull have taken another step forward this season and I think that’s partly because we are the team that makes the best use of the simulator,” Albon told RacingNews365.

“We spend a lot of time in it. I’ve had days on it where I live there all day! In the morning I crawl in, and in the afternoon after lunch I go on again. I do that for about 20 days a month,” he added.

Alex Albon happy with Red Bull’s progress

Alex Albon revealed that he was happy with Red Bull’s progress this season, and he could feel the difference in the simulator. He feels that the team have worked on the little details, which have helped the team to move forward.

Alex Albon believes that Red Bull are on track to compete with Mercedes this season. Red Bull lead the championship with a 37 point advantage over Mercedes.

The team have managed to align all the little details just a little better this season and from those small changes we can now compete with Mercedes,” he added.

“I’m very happy about that because it’s nice to see Red Bull can fight with Mercedes every week. Last year, we already had a good car in our hands and because we were able to adjust a few small things in the winter, we now have a car good enough to compete at the front,” added Albon.

“We tweaked a few small things to the suspension and the set-up and it’s those little tweaks that make the difference in the end,” he continued.

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