“Bahrain will be completely different” :Max Verstappen gives exciting update on RB18

Max Verstappen confirms that the RB18 will be more developed in the days that are to come.

Red Bull's new livery for 2022-the RB18
Red Bull's new livery for 2022-the RB18

Red Bull Racing seem to be in high spirits after a successful pre-season testing in Barcelona. The cars this season have been extremely polar to the ones that we’ve seen throughout the years. The cars are now created according to a completely new set of implemented rules and regulations that uses ground effect aerodynamics.

The second phase of testing will take place in Bahrain from March 10-12. During his three-day stint at testing in Barcelona, Max Verstappen covered a total of 206 laps which is more than thrice of a singular race distance. He managed to finish within the top six standings in Barcelona.

“I just focused on doing a lot of laps and try to really nail down every single aspect of the car. What was positive is the car was running smooth”, said reigning world champion Max Verstappen. Verstappen who seems to be ecstatic with the balance in the car states that the RB18 they saw in Barcelona will be different from the one they’re going to use in the second phase of testing.

Something new in store in Bahrain according to Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen
Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen

“Bahrain is going to be completely different, and heading into race one, the car will be completely different as well,” the 24-year-old Red Bull driver added.

Lawrence Barretto, a prominent F1 journalist speculated the Austrian-based racing team to come up with a major upgrade in the second phase of testing in Bahrain. He referred to the RB18 showcased at Barcelona as “only an early iteration.” “Sources say Red Bull will bring a significantly upgraded car to Bahrain, as was always the plan, and after a reasonably productive opening test focused on reliability and system checks, they’ll turn their attention to chasing performance next week.”

The pre-season testing in Barcelona finished with Mercedes AMG Petronas claiming a 1-2 while Red Bull’s Sergio Perez was three-tenths down. Verstappen managed to get the P6 spot overall.

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