Carlos Sainz almost reaches agreement with Ferrari over new contract after the Bahrain GP

Carlos Sainz claims to have the most difficult weekend at Ferrari following his arrival

Carlos Sainz after claiming P2 at the Bahrain Grand Prix
Carlos Sainz after claiming P2 at the Bahrain Grand Prix

Good news has ushered in for Carlos Sainz as the Spaniard has reached a new agreement with Ferrari to extend their contract with him following Ferrari’s monumental 1-2 podium finish at the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday. Sainz who had finished at P3 on the qualifying session on Saturday was able to claim P2 in the main race following Max Verstappen retiring his RB18 right before the closing laps.

During conversations involving the future of the Spanish driver at the Maranello-based racing team, it has been made very evident that Sainz’s future at Ferrari has been secured and that there has already been a deal made. The only thing left to his contract extension at Ferrari is merely the signing part.

Following his P2 finish at the Bahrain Grand Prix, on being asked about his contract extension, the 27-year-old driver said, “I think we are close. Very close. Very, very close. Very close. Extremely close. Nearly there.” Ferrari Team principal Mattia Binotto mentioned, “I think we found an agreement. It’s only a matter to translate it into paper.”

“Most difficult weekend at Ferrari” : Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz in the F1-75 at the Bahrain GP
Carlos Sainz in the F1-75 at the Bahrain GP

Charles Leclerc who won the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday has surprisingly adapted very well and very quickly to the to the new F1-75 unlike teammate Carlos Sainz who’s yet to find his grip with the brand new car for Ferrari in 2022. Sainz went on to say that this has been his hardest situation at the Italian-based racing team following his arrival here.

“In FP1, FP2 and FP3 I was very far behind, the most far that I’ve been ever in Ferrari, and that’s why even with a 1-2 that we scored, I’m not entirely happy with the weekend,” explained Sainz. “As a Ferrari driver it’s been my most difficult weekend and it just shows that I need to put my head down, understand this car, understand where is Charles making the difference with his driving and the way that he’s approaching the corners and driving the tyres, also in the race,” noted Sainz on being asked about the issues that he has been facing with the F1-75.

Sainz seemed to be in good spirits ahead of Round Two of the 2022 season of F1 at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit where he feels the dire need to improve to try for a win. “Can I cut down the deficit completely? It’s a very good question. I wish I can and I will be working hard for it.”

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