Court hearing uncovers devastating details about former FIA President Max Mosley’s death

A court hearing reveals shocking details about the death of former FIA President Max Mosley

Former FIA President Max Mosley
Former FIA President Max Mosley

A court hearing in the United Kingdom mentioned some unfortunate specifics about former FIA President Max Mosley‘s demise. The 81-year-old died in May 2021 after battling lymphatic cancer for the preceding two years. A hearing at Westminster Coroner’s Court into the death of one of Formula One’s most divisive figures has heard claims of how Mosley was found with “significant injuries consistent with a gunshot wound.” It has been reported that a note was found nailed on Mosley’s bedroom door that read, “Do not enter, call the police”.

At the hearing, the coroner stated, “He had clearly used the shotgun against himself, resulting in a fatal injury. He clearly had injuries that made him unfit for life.” “On the chest of drawers, there was a suicide note covered in blood, but I could read, ‘I feel I have no choice,'” Detective Constable Ben Benlounes told the court. Mosley was President of the FIA from 1993 to 2009.

Apart from serving as the FIA President, he was earlier a motorsport racing driver himself with the Briton forming London Racing Team in partnership with driver Chris Lambert to compete in European Formula Two. Their very first cars were created by Frank Williams, the founder pf Williams Formula One team.

Other factors being in play in Max Mosley’s death

Max Mosley
Max Mosley

Mosley had displayed null interest in his evident plan, according to a palliative care specialist to whom Mosley had been referred in April 2021. Mosley was interested in discussing his options after learning of his “poor prognosis” ,according to Dr. Rasha Al-Quarainy. The doctor described the former FIA President as “very talkative and engaging.” She also described how she and the Briton stayed for about 45 minutes and ad a discussion over the details of his diagnosis.

“He stated that he had plans to renovate their home in Gloucestershire, which would not be completed until July. He was still seeking treatment, possibly in the United States, possibly in the United Kingdom, and he spoke to me about some other matters.” Mosley’s consultant haematologist, Dr. Christopher McNamara, explained to the court that Mosley had been extremely upset by the fact he had moved into palliative care.

Mosley had apparently emailed McNamara on 22 May 2021 on the management of his condition. Mosley had come to terms with his condition and accepted that there was no cure for his aggravated condition. “He was extremely upset as his quality of life was poor and left him uncomfortable. He never expressed a plan of doing this and all he said was that the problem was his wife would not accept this.” However, Dr. McNamara also revealed that Mosley had a discussion with him and other members of his medical team regarding the thought of committing suicide.

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