I choose Lewis Hamilton as the GOAT over Michael Schumacher: Eddie Jordan

Eddie Jordan, former motorsport team owner chooses Lewis Hamilton as the GOAT, ahead of Michael Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton
Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is widely considered as one of the greatest drivers of all time. The Briton is often compared with former Ferrari driver, Michael Schumacher in terms of his achievements. The 36-year old surpassed Schumacher’s record for most race wins last year, and also leveled his record for most world championship titles.

Lewis Hamilton secured his seventh title last year, and is chasing his eighth title this season. Eddie Jordan, former motorsport team owner was asked to choose between Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher. The Irishman went ahead with Hamilton and reckons him as the Greatest of All Time.

Both are unique, so it makes me almost schizophrenic to have to choose a winner. But I choose Hamilton. Lewis never won his titles in a collision like Michael in Adelaide in 1994. Lewis’ time at Mercedes was never tarnished by rumors of cheating,” said Jordan.

Speculations shouldn’t diminish Michael Schumacher’s performance: Eddie Jordan

Michael Schumacher was often met with controversies during his racing career, which Eddie Jordan believes should not tarnish his legacy.

I still remember how much Michael suffered when Benetton were accused of using illegal traction control in 1994. And his time at Ferrari didn’t quite go by without someone pointing a finger at the red team. These speculations shouldn’t diminish Michael’s performance,” he insisted. “Both are quite simply very big in their profession,” said Jordan.

Eddie Jordan also spoked about the deceased Ayrton Senna, and believes that there was no comparison for the Brazilian. Senna died of an unfortunate incident at the Imola GP, and could have won more than three championships.

Ayrton Senna is out of the competition for me. He was a magician in every way. He died far too early to be able to evaluate him objectively. Had he not had the accident at Imola, he would have ended his career with much more than his three World Championship titles. You can’t prove that, but I’m sure of it,” said Jordan.

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