FIFA and UEFA debars Russian teams; FIA calls for an emergency meeting

FIA has called an emergency meeting to decide fate of Russian athletes.

The effects of the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict have been gravely felt by everyone in the sports industry too. The Russian football team has been expelled from the FIFA World Cup until further notice and UEFA has suspended Russia from international events. A meeting was recently held by the FIA bosses to discuss the decisions to be taken following this conflict earlier last week.

However recent advancements have called for further discussions by the FIA to take some concrete decisions on the entire matter after taking the decision of scrapping off the Russian Grand Prix from the calendar.

An FIA representative has confirmed to numerous journalists that the board will have a meeting today to discuss the grave situation and to also possibly discuss the future of Haas driver Nikita Mazepin as an F1 driver.

Steps that have been taken following the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Haas' Russian driver Nikita Mazepin
Haas’ Russian driver Nikita Mazepin

Right after Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine on Thursday earlier last week, it was met with the decision to scrap off the Russian Grand Prix that was supposed to be held later this year in September by the FIA.

Football associations like FIFA and the UEFA also took the necessary steps to show their contempt against this conflict by banning the Russian teams until further notice. They’ve also gone ahead with the decision of cancelling their sponsorship of Gazprom.

American racing team Haas was quick to take its own measures too by dismissing their prime sponsor Uralkali, a Russian company as their sponsor. Uralkali is owned by Dmitry whose son Nikita Mazepin is one of the works drivers for Haas. This move by Haas further puts a lot of questions regarding Mazepin’s ability in retaining his position as an F1 driver considering the recent situation. Haas has also made sure to remove the red, white, and blue Russian-inspired illustrations on their livery.

The statement from the FIA representative reads: “Tomorrow there will be an extraordinary meeting in the WMSC to discuss matters related to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Further updates will follow after the meeting.”

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