“I’m not there to entertain the crowds,” Max Verstappen lays down a clear marker in terms of his goals

The Dutchman is here to win people’s hearts by his performance on track and not by off track showmanship.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen
Red Bull driver Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen was the first driver to opt out of the 4th season of ‘Drive To Survive’ after he felt that the show had shown him in a false light and he still believes that his racing is more than enough to entertain the people. Several drivers have showed their dismay regarding the portrayal of various events in the Netflix documentary, which also includes former Red Bull driver, Pierre Gasly.

Max Verstappen is a rather straightforward personality, who believes in performing on track. The Dutchman wants to showcase his skills on the tracks, and not be involved in off-the track drama.

In a recent interview, Verstappen said, “Even if there is no COVID for sure I’m not going to do more on weekends because I’m there to race, I’m not there to entertain the crowds. I’ll entertain them by doing that on the track.”

Otherwise you get upset, you don’t feel good and it’s going to hurt your performance. So you need to just keep it exactly the same, the same approach as other race weekends,” he added.

Max Verstappen opines on Daniel Ricciardo’s return to Australian GP

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo

With Formula 1 returning to Australia after 3 years, the fans are excited and so are the drivers. Max Verstappen’s ex team mate, Daniel Ricciardo would surely be stoked to be back here as he will finally be driving in front of his home crowd. On being asked about the same, Verstappen had a few words to say, “I always felt sorry for him because he was always so busy.”

He actually never really got to fully enjoy it. Maybe he manages it differently now but I remember when he was here it was tough, he was super busy in the week leading up to the grand prix. So I hope for him that at least he can enjoy it a bit more now because I think it is very special to have a home grand prix,” said Verstappen.

Max Verstappen’s position on the championship table after 2 races is not something Red Bull and himself would be happy about, but Max is not someone who will give up so easily. Max wants to ensure he stays focused and so does his team.

You need the right people around you as well to manage you in that. Of course at one point as a driver you know what you need to feel good in the car and you really know how many commitments you can do on a weekend, but you should be able to say ‘no’ to certain commitments. At the end of the day you are here to drive and to race because that’s what you live for and what you get paid to do,” he added.

Max Verstappen outsmarted Charles Leclerc in the DRS Battle at Jeddah, as the reigning champion came out on top. The Dutchman suffered a reliability issue in Bahrain, which cost him some vital points. However, he was back among the points with a P1 finish in Jeddah.

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