Could Max Verstappen end his career at Red Bull?

Max Verstappen revealed that he could end his career at Red Bull, given that he continues driving at his best.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen is one of the most promising drivers on the circuit, having made his debut as a teenager in 2016. In the last race in Spain, Verstappen completed 100 races for Red Bull, and is in the best form of his life. There are several rumors concerning the Dutch driver’s future, with many claiming that he could end up at Mercedes at some time in the future.

Speaking to, Max Verstappen was asked about his future, and whether he would end his career at Red Bull. The Dutch driver stated that he could end his career at Red Bull, but that depends on the competitiveness of the team and himself.

“That could well be,” he replied. “It depends on how long we are competitive and how long I am competitive myself, of course. Winning motivates me, or rather just the chance to win,” he added.

I would prefer to win as many titles as possible: Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen stated that he would not like to drive at the back of the grid, like Kimi Raikkonen and would instead retire from the sport. “Of course, it is a completely different story if you are fighting for the top positions. If I were to drive at the back, then there would come a time when I wouldn’t feel like doing it,” said Verstappen.

The 23-year old also added that he would love to win as many titles as possible, but believes that luck plays a huge factor in F1.

I would prefer to win as many titles as possible, but that depends on the package,” he said. Sometimes you are lucky and it is good for longer periods and sometimes you aren’t lucky. Hopefully I will win some titles, but you never know,” he added.

Max Verstappen finds himself 14 points behind Lewis Hamilton after four races this season. The next race of the season will be held in Monte Carlo, Monaco this weekend.

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