“No driver saying negative about the car, that amazed me,” ex-F1 driver Ralf Schumacher shocked by drivers’ approval of the 2022 car

Ex-F1 driver shares his opinion of the new cars and drivers' view of it.

Ralf Schumacher
Ralf Schumacher

Ex-F1 driver Ralf Schumacher, in an interview, expressed his shock over the grid’s reaction to the new cars. The new cars that came to the sport from 2022 have posed a fair share of challenges, like porpoising, to the engineers and the drivers.

Ralf, spoke of his surprise that these new regulations havent drawn harsh criticism from the teams and drivers. He said, as quoted by PlanetF1“The fact that most of the cars of this new generation of racing cars were stable right from the start, because in the past the cars broke down during the test and a team was not to be seen on the track for days. I haven’t heard any negative comments about the tyres either, which is good. The fact that no driver has said anything negative about the cars and tyres, that has amazed me a bit.”

This could be possible due to technological reasons. The teams with advanced tech such as tunnels must have had anticipated the challenges that new aerodynamics would’ve posed. The drivers’ criticism has so far only been in the form of pessimism for their own cars, which is a commonly known tactic.

FIA will have one or two protests: Ralf Schumacher

F1 drivers
F1 drivers

Car development especially as big as this season’s requires tremendous effort and development that takes years to master. Speaking of this innovation and development, Ralf Schumacher said, “That the teams came up with so much. I never expected the cars to all look the same. On the other hand, I think that the FIA will have a lot to do in terms of development parts, with probably one or two protests.”

“When we have 1,000 engineers from the teams tinkering with the cars and a dozen experts at the FIA, it’s always exciting, that’s what Formula One is all about,” he added.

Lastly speaking of Brawn GP like success in 2009, where they used double diffuser, Ralf said, “What I don’t think will happen is that a team will have found the aerodynamic philosopher’s stone and drive everything into the ground, like BrawnGP did in 2009. That won’t happen with these new regulations.”

The 2022 season of F1 is about to begin this weekend. After a couple of races we might see more feedback coming in from drivers, as they’ll explore the new cars and the new style of racing that comes along with it.

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