“There is no reason to suddenly be different,” Max Verstappen puts away claims of being under pressure in title defending season

Max Verstappen claims he is not under pressure of being the defending champion in 2022.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen, the Red Bull driver had a 2021 season which was nothing short of a fairytale for him. A season where it was majorly difficult for the fans to cancel out either of Verstappen and 7-time world championship winner Lewis Hamilton ended with the Dutchman keeping the British driver at bay and preventing him from winning a record 8 titles.

The showdown of showdowns which took place at the last race of the season at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix had Formula One fans split in half regarding the controversial decisions taken by race director Michael Masi right before the last lap which gave the 24-year-old driver an edge to attack Hamilton in the last lap and bring his maiden title home.

The approaching Formula One season which starts with the shutting down of the lights in the pre-season testing on February 23 will see a lot of newly implemented changes especially when it comes to technicalities. All 10 teams will look forward to adjusting themselves in regulation with these changes to maximize their chances of having a successful season.

Similarly, we can only expect Max to continue his form in 2021 to have another successful year ahead and possibly win another title.

Max Verstappen on the pressure of being defending champion

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Max Verstappen after winning the WDC(world Driver’s Championship) in 2021

Red Bull’s new car for the season, the RB18 was launched on February 9, earlier this month had interviews lined up for the team where the recently crowned victorious driver was asked if he was feeling more pressure no since he is the defending champion now.

To that, the Dutchman replied, “No, I just do what I do all the time. There is no reason to suddenly be different. Of course, as a driver you have to get used to the new regulations, it’s not like you just jumped in and it’s an upgrade from last year. So that is going to be the biggest adaptation but the rest, it’s pretty straightforward.”

The pre-season testing which commences on February 23 at Barcelona, will have Max drive the brand new RB18. Although, Max has already mentioned that there’s still a lot to know about the car.

“Personally, I feel good. What is important is you prepare yourself in the best way possible physically. But in terms of the car, you don’t know, so that’s why I’m curious to see how the car behaves on track,” he added.

Max Verstappen will be joined by fellow Red Bull driver Sergio Pérez for the upcoming season.

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