“Tricky to get these points back,” Mark Webber opines on Max Verstappen’s drastically reduced title hopes following the Australian GP

Max Verstappen’s No.1 car, ain’t that number 1 material.

Mark Webber and Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

With yet another DNF for Max Verstappen, Red Bull are looking weak in the Championship standings. Red Bull have given a very expensive lead to their rivals as the road back to the top of the standings isn’t an easy one. On the other hand, Ferrari is looking strong as their car is making other teams’ efforts embarrassing.

While the world wants to have a say in a situation like this, the former Red Bull driver, Mark Webber felt that Red Bull have a very little chance now as it is going to be ‘tricky’ to get these points back. After becoming the Formula one champion last season, Max Verstappen would want to make it a streak, but with the current situation that looks way too hard. 

Webber is concerned with the amount of points Red Bull are giving away to Ferrari. He’s worried for Red Bull as Max Verstappen’s car broke down in two out of the three races in this season. The Ex-Red Bull driver is not happy with Red Bull’s performances.

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Mark Webber’s Concerns

On being asked about Red Bull’s mishaps, Mark Webber said, “But when you hemorrhage eighteen points and maybe the fastest lap and all the rest of it, they are big points down the drain, huge points.”

“And Leclerc is doubling down – another victory, another fastest lap, so tricky for them [Red Bull]. It’s a long season. Red Bull are not going anywhere in a hurry, but these points are going to be tricky to get back,” said Mark Webber as per gpblog.com.

Red Bull will have to hit the ground running at Imola as one more mistake can cost Red Bull and Max Verstappen the Championship.

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