“What I’ve been up to since I’ve been away!” Lewis Hamilton shares how he spent his time during social media exile

Lewis Hamilton's mother beams with pride standing next to his knighted son, as the Briton shares how he spent his time during social media exile.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has had some difficult moments during the last few months which he has to fight through. Whether it was the death of his friend Niki Lauda or losing the championship to the current champion and arch rival, Max Verstappen, it hasn’t been easy going for him.

But during this period he has been an epitome of class on and off the track. He won the Monaco Grand Prix and gave a fitting tribute to someone he looked up to. He also congratulated Max Verstappen immediately after “controversially” losing the championship when he looked on course to win the race and the championship.

He has shown that he’s a real champion. Anyone who knows the sport admires the qualities that possesses. The fact that he has dealt with triumph and disaster in exactly the same manner, which is being gracious in both, speaks volumes about him as a person more than anything.

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Lewis Hamilton’s mother beams with pride standing next to his knighted son

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Lewis Hamilton with his mother

This off season has come at possible the exact time when he needed it the most and he has used it in a great manner. He has been away from all the attention of media and has dedicated his limited time to his family especially his mom and two children.

He took to Instagram recently where he posted a bunch of wholesome picture with his two children and his mother, who is clearly beaming with pride as she stands next to his son who was designated a knight Bachelor by the Prince of wale during a prestigious long standing ceremony at Windsor Castle.

We can safely say that Lewis Hamilton has made the best use of his time while he was away from the sport and that’s exactly what he conveyed through his post alongside the caption, “What I’ve been up to since I’ve been away.” The former champion has showed class on and off the track and that’s why he is a true icon of the sport.

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