Fortnite Brings Back “Reboot A Friend” Event

Epic Games has found another way to engage players in the game with their own version of calling back old players in a Reboot A Friend event. Read more to know about the rewards of the event.

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The Fortnite community has been informed that Epic Games has brought back Reboot a Friend event allowing loopers to earn exclusive in-game rewards. The developers has found another way to keep players locked into Fortnite while calling back absent players to the battlefield.

Reboot A Friend: Rewards And Rules

Reboot a friend rewards
Event Rewards

The new Fortnite event offers players the opportunity to earn points, exclusive items, and weapon skins. The items that players can unlock through rebooting absent team members are:

  • The Heartbeat Wrap
  • The Plasma Carrot Pickaxe
  • The Reboot Spray
  • Toxic Flash Glider

These items can be unlocked by players who reboot three friends to play a match together. However, players will need to continue playing 10 matches with at least one of their rebooted friends to unlock all of the items and exclusive offers from this feature.

Should Fortnite players not have any friends to reboot, Epic Games has them covered. Friends eligible for the “reboot” must be inactive for at least 30 days. However, many Fortnite players are a lot more active than that.

Survivors without inactive friends can simply invite gamers from their friends list to play games together and unlock exclusive Fortnite Reboot a Friend rewards. While these players will not be eligible for the first-game bonus of 100 points, they will still be able to earn other points and unlock these items.

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