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Fortnite: Icon Lachlan Opens up in Chapter 2 Season 6

Lachlan opens about the problems on Fortnite faced by streamers on the new season 6 chapter 2, here is all you need to know about.

How to tame a wolf in Fortnite Season 6

With every new season and update Fortnite comes with new changes and Collaborations. It can be gun skins, Non Playable characters, skins and many other things.

Season 6: Chapter 2 is no exception to players its is amazing with a pre-historic look to the map. They have also come up with new weapon skins and crafting systems, players are experiencing new features in the game daily and are still getting used to it. The content creators are still adapting to these new features and updates on the Island.

But it seems that the players are not happy with the update. Pro players as well as content creators are very unhappy with some of the updates in the game. So, hashtags like #ripfortnite are on-trend on the social media pages.

Fortnite Streamers frustrated by many stream Snipers

Fortnite Primal

Fortnite has been one of the most viewed games on Twitch, however, the streamers are thinking to change their games due to stream sniping by opponents.

Lachlan fears that software similar to anti-cheats can be used but some players will be falsely be banned for it if they are not doing it also. So it’s impossible to report someone for stream sniping. Lachlan says innocent players who have worked hard in the game might face bans which will be unfair.

Many playes don’t like to delay their stream but Lachlan has suggested delaying their stream. Which is the only option to play without facing Stream Snipers.

Fortnite Gambling Curbs by Epic Games

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Lachlan highlights some of the issues in the new Season

Since the release of Primal Shotgun, it has been a hot topic to all Fortnite players. Many claim that it’s very powerful and overpowered. So, players are asking for the desired change of the gun stats.

Lachlan admitted that the weapon -crafting system has become very tiring to players in the past 2 weeks. Even though it’s a great initiative by epic games. But it mainly involves only in looting and gunfights.

Lachlan himself being a content creator claims that Fortnite has become very tedious to play and entertain the audience, he has posted only two videos since the start of Chapter 2: Season 6, and no update of videos on his channel from the past 2 weeks.

But still, if Fortnite pros and streamers stop playing there are many other young casual players who will play the game so the future is still bright and not dead.

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