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Fortnite Leaks League of Legends Cosmetics

Upcoming Fortnite store leaks show that Epic Games is bringing back a popular League of Legends Arcane skin and adding another. Checkout the complete article to know more. Stay tuned to know more about the latest updates and news about Fortnite.

In late 2021, Fortnite announced a major crossover cosmetic, partnering with League of Legends developer Riot Games. The skin bundle was for Jinx, one of the main characters in Riot’s new animated show Arcane. It seems that the partnership was popular enough that both Epic Games and Riot are coming back for a second serving. A new leak of upcoming Fortnite shop bundles confirms that a second Arcane skin is being added, this time for League of Legends’ punch queen Vi.

To be clear, the new skin is once again inspired by the League of Legends show Arcane and isn’t pulled directly from the MOBA. It’s Vi post-time skip wearing the red jacket that she steals from a punk she encounters shortly after returning to Piltover’s undercity. Her bundle includes a version of Jayce’s hammer rather than her typical giant mechanical fists, as well as the toy rabbit symbolizing lost innocence as a backpack item. Lastly, there’s a cool piece of Arcane art for a Fortnite splash.

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What is introduced in Fortnite leaks?

VI isn’t being introduced solo, however. Epic will also be bringing back the popular Jinx Arcane skin due to popular demand. The skin features Jinx post-time skip in her purple striped capris. Her pickaxe is a unique hammer powered by green arcane energy, as well as the robotic cymbal-wielding monkey that traumatized every Arcane viewer. Her bundle also includes a graffiti monkey-head spray, a music track, and two Arcane/Fortnite splash art pieces with Jinx prominently displayed.

Fortnite Leaks League of Legends Cosmetics 2

The late addition of Vi as a skin for Fortnite has reinvigorated hopes among Fortnite players that more League of Legends skins will be added in the future. While it’s possible that Vi was supposed to be added alongside Jinx and was delayed, meaning that this is the full extent of League of Legends crossover skins, for the time being, it’s always possible there’s more in the pipeline. Those hoping for Caitlyn, Silco, or others should let Epic know what they’d like to see next.


While crossover skins are common in Fortnite, video game crossover skins from an apparent competitor to Fortnite like League of Legends are rare and quite surprising. Arcane’s separation from the game, and the show’s need for promotion, seems to have persuaded Riot. It’ll be exciting to see what comes next.

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