Fortnite Season 6 end date & Fornite Season 7 Start date

Check out when Fortnite Season 6 ends and the Starting date of Fortnite Season 7.

Fortnite Season 6 end date
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Fortnite Season 6 end date: Fortnite Season 6 has been bringing up a lot of new stuff for its Battle Royale enthusiasts. The Fortnite Season 6 might be ending in the second week of June, as many wondering when could be Fortnite Season 7 starts.

That said, several speculations have been made about what could happen after Fortnite Season 6. However, the DC-comic experience is still available to players no matter what happens in Season 7, as per Sportskeeeda.

Fortnite Season 6 end date

Epic Games revealed already that, on 6 July, a month after Season 7, the final part of the Comic Series Fortnite x Batman Zero Point will be published.

Besides, other speculations also indicated that when the Spire is opened, Epic Games can finally reveal to all members of The Seven in Season 7. Rumours about the return of Kevin the Cube are also coming out. However, there has been no official confirmation revealed by Epic Games about Fortnite Season 7.

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Fortnite Season 6 end date

Fortnite Season 6 end date

On the basis of Epic Games’ regular strategy to update any season in Fortnite, Fortnite Season 6 is expected to end on 7 June. Having said this, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is firmly believed to conclude with a game-winning event, highlighting an in-game story plot.

In addition, it is quite clear that in Season 7, new contents from the DC Universe will be included, given that every issue of the Fortnite X Batman Zero Point comic has a bonus code that can be used to unlock a special DC-themed cosmetic in the game.

AS per Titas Khan(Sportskeeda), Given that the last two editions of the comic books are scheduled for publication in Fortnite Season 7 on 15 June and 6 July, it goes without saying that the players will see DC-themed characters.

Even if chapter 2 Season 7 is commonly thought to start at some point during the second weeks of June, the Fortnite Season 6 can now be extended by epic games at some point. In previous instances, the developers were known to do the same to play all they have planned for the current season.

This is an ideal time for players concerned about collecting awards from Fortnite Season 6 to recognise that the season is moving fast and starting to break up those levels of Battle Passes.

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