Fortnite Tron crossover: New Tron Boss, Mythic weapons and new locations

In this article we take a look at the latest Fortnite Tron crossover and the related items being released into the game.


Fortnite is a massively popular battle royale game distributed by Epic Games. Likewise the game has garnered a massive player base throughout the world. The game is characterised by its cartoonish styles and fast-paced gun fights. Likewise the game is no stranger to massive collaborations. In this article we take a look at the Fortnite Tron crossover and the related things released in the game.

The developers have finally collaborated with Tron Legacy and a plethora of changes have come into the game. Tron is the lesser known action, sci-fi movie released in 2010. The movie was based around a protagonist who becomes trapped in a program created by his father.

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Fortnite Tron Crossover



The crossover between Fortnite and Tron has bought a new location in the game. There are now portals in the game, which leads to a different realm. This new realm is inspired by the set-piece of Tron, marked by black and light blue lights.

Light Cycle Bike

There is a new glider added to the shop, i.e. the Light Cycle. Likewise this is the bike from Tron: Legacy.

Moreover this may also be a clue to a new vehicle being added to the game.

New Skins

A plethora of skins have been added to the game. Likewise all of these are based on the Tron costume with a black overall and Blue lights on them.

New Boss

A new boss is likely to appear in the game, based on a Tron Character model. This model may be based on the villain characters of Tron. Likewise the villain characters may have black overalls with orange lights.

New Mythic Items

The speculations that a new boss may appear, has also led to speculations of new Mythic item drops. The bosses in the game generally drop one or two mythic items.

New Pickaxe

There is a new pickaxe skin added to the game. Moreover this pickaxe is named as Identity Disc. This cosmetic is based on the iconic light disc from Tron Legacy.

New Locations

There are also speculations about a new location being added to the game. Therefore, this new location is likely to be based on the Grid City from Tron Legacy.

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