Fortnite Valentine Events: Items and all you need to know

Fortnite Valentine Events: Items and all you need to know

Fortnite is a massively popular battle royale game by Epic Games. Likewise the game is very popular all around the world. Moreover the developers have kept the game fresh and interesting by adding events and new updates. Valentines day is right around the corner, and the developers have added certain special features to the game. In this article we discuss about the Fortnite Valentine Events in detail.

The Valentines day will bring with it, the v15.30 update in the game. There will be event exclusive items that the players can get. Moreover it is an opportunity to earn XP and rewards before Season 6.


This event will be the 11th week of Fortnite chapter 2 season 5. Players can obtain various cosmetics by completing the missions.

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How to get the cosmetics from Fortnite Valentine Events

There were several leaks by data miners regarding the contents of the events. Currently it is known that there will be 6 rewards available. Moreover these items are classified as Uncommon and Rare.


These items will only be available for Valentines 2021 and are expected to be easy to get. There are two new NPCs designed for the Valentines week. Likewise they are called Cuddle King and Lovely. The weekly challenges are likely to be involving them.

The following items will be available:

  • Harvesting Tool (Rare) – Breathless Blade
  • Emote (Rare) – Heart Breakers
  • Emote (Rare) – Reel Love
  • Wraps (Rare) – Heart’s Desire
  • Emote (Rare) – Perfect Match
  • Music Track (Rare) – Hooked On You

The pickaxe cosmetic and wraps will not be available in the in-game store and are excusive.


The Valentines day rewards will have special designs and Epic Games has heard the community to give them this special event.

Moreover this will be the first major event in 2021 for Fortnite and players are looking forward to more.

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