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Frank Lampard feels Chelsea are at a disadvantage with two games in two days

Chelsea face Arsenal and Aston Villa within a span of just 2 days. Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United have four days gap.

Chelsea players in training

Chelsea will be facing London rivals Arsenal at a crucial juncture in the Premier League title race. However the blues will also be facing Aston Villa just 48 hours after their match against Arsenal.

Chelsea coach Frank Lampard feels his side are at a disadvantage with such a cramped up schedule for them.

Frank Lampard hits out back at Premier League authorities

Frank Lampard feels Chelsea are at a disadvantage with two games in two days 2

Lampard was visibly displeased with the fact that Premier League authorities and other broadcasting corporation and channels didn’t consider the match schedules.

He says that with such a jam packed schedule it’s difficult to field your best team in both matches and that can be crucial.

Lampard also stated that while Chelsea play Arsenal and Aston Villa with just 48 hours in between, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur will get 4 matches in between thier games.

Now that’s almost double the time to rest and reorganize and puts Chelsea at a visible disadvantage. Additionally Manchester United have 3 days gap as well.

It’s two games in two days, 48 hours,” Lampard said. “I’m not trying to be clever, it’s an important point for us because there are other teams that are challenging at the top of the league that play two games in three days. Manchester United, Tottenham, Liverpool play two games in three or four days. It’s counterproductive for the quality of the Premier League, it’s a risk for players if they are going to play both games at top-end elite sport, everybody knows that.

And I know clearly what happened with this one as well; the game’s being broadcast live as they all are now. And we play Arsenal on Boxing Day, and our game with Man City now has been pushed to the Sunday (January 3).

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