Free Fire 5 best Emotes for February 2021

In this article we take a look at the top 5 Free Fire best Emotes and the related interactions of the said emotes.


Free Fire is a massively popular mobile battle royale game developed by Garena Games. Likewise the game has garnered a massive fanbase throughout the world. Free Fire, like many other games, has a plethora of items in the game, that the players can buy. Emotes are cool gestures that the characters can make. Therefore in this article we take a look at Free Fire best Emotes for February 2021.

Free Fire has a lot of unique elements that make it stand out from other games in its genre. Features like unique characters and pets are a few of them. Likewise there are also emotes, that help the players interact with each other through gestures. It is a fun interactive tool to use in the lobbies or in battlegrounds.

Free Fire has several emotes in the game that the players can use. These emotes can be obtained through diamonds or some special events.

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Top Free Fire 5 Best Emotes to use for February 2021

We take a look at Free Fire best Emotes for February 2021:



This emote was released during the Bomb Squad Elite Pass (Elite Pass Season 9). Moreover this emote was only available in the Elite Pass tiers.

In this emote the player character starts doing some planch push-ups. Moreover this emote is really rare.

Chicken Emote


This emote was released during the Steampunk Revolution Elite Pass (Elite Pass Season 7). The Chicken Emote was available to the Elite Pass tiers.

Likewise this emote is one of the most humorous. The players starts flapping its arms like a chicken and is a rare emote.

Pirate’s Flag


This emote was launched during an event called the Pirate Top-Up event. Likewise players could obtain this emote this emote for 500 diamonds.

This Emote makes the character pin a pirate flag on the ground to assert dominance. Moreover this is a legendary tier emote.



The Threaten emote is a very assertive emote in the game. Likewise the character runs their thumb across their neck, indicating decapitation.

This is a go to for asserting dominance after a takedown.



This is probably the perfect emote to celebrate a victory in the game. Likewise when used, a yellow BOOYAH text appears over the character as he pumps his fist in the air.

This is a very celebratory emote with positive vibes.

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