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Free Fire 50% off Theme Gun event for May 21 only: Get exclusive weapon skins at huge discounts!

The latest Free Fire 50% off Theme Gun event allows the players to buy themed gun skins from the in-game store for half their original price!

Free Fire 50% off Theme Gun

Free Fire has a wide selection of in-game cosmetics and accessories and these are collected by the players. In this article we take a look at the Free Fire 50% off Theme Gun event for May 21 and the rewards players can get.

Free Fire introduces new cosmetics and accessories very regularly. These are made available to the players in certain events as well as in the stores. The ones available in the events and stores often require the players to spend a lot of diamonds. But generally it is worth the legendary exclusive cosmetic that the player can flaunt. However, right now players can get the cosmetics at almost a 50% off from thein-game store.

In this article we take a look at the Free Fire 50% off Theme Gun event.

Free Fire 50% off Theme Gun event

Free Fire 50% off Theme Gun

The Free Fire in-game store is home to hundreds of weapon skins, costume bundles, gloo wall skins, backs and more. However, to buy things from the store, players need to spend diamonds. The diamonds don’t come free for the most part and require the players to spend real money to buy them.

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But, Free Fire often runs discounts and such to reduce the costs and to provide players with a wider variety of items. We take a look at one such Free Fire 50% off Theme Gun event.

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The discounted Weapon skins are as follows:

  • Xtreme Adventure Weapons
  • SuperStar Weapons
  • Hurricane Delivery MAG-7
  • Hurricane Delivery Weapons
  • Bounty Hunter Weapons
  • Party Animal Weapons
  • Master of Minds Gun Bundle
  • Justice Fighter Weapons
  • Victory Wings Weapons
  • Private Eye Weapons
  • Game Streamer Weapons
  • Urban Rager Weapons
  • KPop Stardom Weapons
  • Graffiti Weapons
  • Biker Weapons
  • Demolitionist Weapons
  • Engineer Weapons
  • Deadly Bat Weapons
  • PlayBoy Weapons
  • A.I. Weapons
  • Pink Devil Weapons
  • Monster Weapons
  • BOOYAH Weapons
  • Death’s Eye Weapons
  • Ice Blue Weapons
  • Shark Attack Weapons
  • Red Samurai Weapons
  • Imperial Rome Weapons
  • Digital Invasion Weapons
  • Winterlands Weapons
  • Flaming Wolf Weapons
  • Violet Terror Weapons
  • Cheetah Weapons
  • Pharaoh Weapons
  • Titanium Weapons
  • Pink Paradise Weapons
  • Skyline Weapons
  • Bumblebee Weapons

These are the complete list of themed weapon skins available in the Armory for a huge 50% discount. These cost 25 diamonds earlier, but now only costs 12 diamonds instead.

This is a great deal but it will be over soon for the players. The event is only for Today, i.e. May 21, 2021 and will be gone on 22nd May. Therefore, players must rush to get the themed weapon skins that they desire in Free Fire.

How to get the Skins in the event?

Free Fire 50% off Theme Gun
  • Players need to open the Garena Free Fire app and then got to the Store option on the left side of their screen.
  • After opening the Store section, click on the Armory option on the right top and the Free Fire 50% off Theme Gun event will appear.
  • Players can then select the desired skin and click on the Purchase option on the bottom to buy them with their desired payment method.

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