Free Fire All-Stars Asia 2021 Format Revealed

Free Fire offers various events and tournaments for players and content creators. Here in this article we will take a look at Free Fire All-Stars Asia 2021 tournament format revealed.

ffas 2021
Free Fire All-Stars Asia Format Revealed

Free Fire has millions of active players and the makers are into growing it eSports by organizing various tournaments now. The all new Free Fire All-Stars Asia 2021 is scheduled to take place from July 23rd to 25th. FFAS 2021 is Garena’s annual celebration of its global community of content creators, featuring a platform where community members can come together and share experiences.

There will be 12 teams representing eight regions at the FFAS Asia, with at least two influencers on each team. The team will be represented by a local iconic cuisine. Here in this article we will take a look at the Free Fire All-Stars Asia 2021 format, tournament schedule, prize pool and more.

Free Fire All-Stars Asia 2021 Format

Free Fire All-Stars 2021 Schedule
Free Fire All-Stars 2021 Schedule

The all new Free Fire all-stars 2021 tournament is set to take place from 23 July to 25 July. The tournament will feature teams from different regions of Asia containing at least two content creators in each team. The tournament will feature many teams with iconic content creators the format of the tournament is as follows:

Free Fire All Stars 2021
Free Fire All Stars 2021 Format

Bomb Squad: The event will take place on Friday i.e. on 23rd July. All participating regions will each be represented by one team to play in a single-elimination format. Top-ranked teams will advance to the quarter-finals followed by the semi-finals. Both these rounds will be played as best of three, with the finals decided in a best of five match.

Clash Squad: This event will take place on the 2nd day i.e. on 24th July. The format is the same as Bomb Squad, where a total of eight teams will battle for glory and prize-pool.

Battle Royale: All 12 teams will battle it out over three maps for six matches to determine the ultimate champion. Matches will be played on Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari.

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ffas 2021 finals - FirstSportz
Free Fire All-Stars Asia 2021 Format Revealed 2

The finals, semi-finals and quarter-finals all have different match no.’s. The quarterfinals and semifinals of FFAS 2021 will feature best of 3 matches. Whereas, finals of Free Fire All Stars Asia 2021 will be a best of 5. The following teams will be taking part in FFAS 2021 are given the names of famous local cuisines:

  1. India: Team Samosa
  2. India: Team Dosa
  3. Pakistan: Team Biryani
  4. Bangladesh: Team Hilsha
  5. Indonesia: Team Sate
  6. Indonesia: Team Indomee
  7. Taiwan: Team Boba
  8. Thailand: Team Som Tum
  9. Thailand: Team Tom Yum Kung
  10. Vietnam: Team Com Tam
  11. Vietnam: Team Pho
  12. Malaysia Cambodia and the Philippines: Team Durian

There are two teams presenting Indian region at FFAS 2021 Team Samosa and Team Dosa:

Team Samosa

Free Fire All Stars Samosa Team
Free Fire All-Stars Samosa Team
  • Vasiyo
  • Killer
  • Tonde
  • Assassin Army
  • Dev Alone
  • Xmania

Team Dosa

Free Fire All Stars Asia Dosa
FFAS Asia 2021 Dosa Team
  • Pahadi
  • Iconic
  • Gaming Aura
  • Legend07
  • Ritik
  • Soneeta

Free Fire All-Stars Asia 2021 Prize Pool

Free Fire All Stars Aisa 2021

A total of 30,000 USD is up for grabs as this tournament’s prize pool. Each day of the event will see 10,000 USD awarded to the winning team. Live streaming of the tournament will be available on the official Free Fire platforms (Facebook, Youtube, and Booyah App) at 04:30 PM IST.

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