Free Fire Awakened Andrew in May 2021: Possible release dates, abilities and more

Andrew is one of the oldest characters in the game and he is finally getting the upgrade he deserves. The new Free Fire Awakened Andrew will soon hit the live servers and players can unlock him to experience it.

Free Fire Awakened Andrew
Free Fire Awakened Andrew release dates and more

Free Fire has a plethora of characters that the players can choose to play on the battlefields. One of the most awaited characters is the Free Fire Awakened Andrew. This character is the third awakened character to arrive in the game and has been teased for long.

Free Fire characters all have separate personalities and abilities. This is one of the unique characteristics for this battle royale game. The abilities help the characters make very good plays on the battlefields. In the OB27 patch many new changes had been announced along with new changes to characters. One of the newly introduced awakened states is the game.

In this article we take a look at Free Fire Awakened Andrew and the release dates and more.

Free Fire Awakened Andrew: Release Dates

Free Fire Awakened Andrew
Free Fire Awakened Andrew

The Free Fire Awakened Andrew has been teased for a long time, since the update about OB27. However, the character hasn’t been released in the game as of yet.

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In a recent Instagram update Garena Free Fire has revealed the Andrew Awakening Coming Soon poster. The date states that the 29th of May is the release dates.

This may indicate that the new awakened Andrew will be released to the game by May or in June. This is due to the fact that Free Fire World Series is ending on 30th May 2021.


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The current skill for Andrew is a ability to reduce damage taken through the vest.

His skill is said to be something related to taking damage. Andrew the “Fearless” ability is said to be Pack. This ability may reduce the damage taken for each member of the squad with the ability. This is the new Awakened ability for Andrew.

Wolf Pack Level 1: Increases damage reduction to armor by 8%. Additional 0.15 damage reduction from each teammate who carries this skill.

Wolf Pack  Level 6: Increases damage reduction to armor by 14%. Additional 0.15 damage reduction from each teammate who carries this skill.

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