Free Fire: 3 Best Character Combinations with Wukong in June 2021

Wukong is one of the best characters to use in Free Fire. However, its ability is limited to some extent, you can use the following Best Character combinations with Wukong to make the best out of his ability.

best character combinations with wukong

Today we bring you the 3 best character combinations with Wukong in June 2021 which you can use in Free Fire to gain the edge over all of your enemies.

Free Fire is home to a lot of unique characters and Wukong is a monkey character introduced in the game. Character Combinations for Wukong or any other agents, for that matter, imparts a huge role in potential gameplay. Home to a variety of characters, Players in Free Fire can form a squad with characters that consist of 1 active skill and 3 other passive skills.

Free Fire is well-known for its unique characters which possess different abilities. It is a free-to-play battle royale game that is based on survival and has a unique system of characters in-game who have their special abilities. These abilities, when utilized under the right circumstances in the game, can give a valuable edge to the players. However, we will see some of the best Character Combinations for Wukong in the following article.

Top 3 Best Character Combinations with Wukong

Wukong Ability – Camouflage

best character combinations with Wukong
Wukong character in Free Fire

Wukong’s active skill is called Camouflage. At its primary level (Level 1), the ability transforms the player into a bush for a period of 10 seconds with a cooldown period of 300 seconds. The transformation ends when the player is engaged in battle. The cooldown gets a reset when the player takes a kill.

At its maximum level (level 6), the time period of transformation of a player into a bush increases to 15 seconds with a much lesser cooldown period of 200 seconds. If you fail to take down the enemy, you have to wait for 200 seconds to reactive the skill. However, You can combine Wukong’s ability with the following abilities to make it the best ability.

1. Maxim – Gluttony

best character combinations for wukong
Maxim character in Free Fire

Maxim’s unique ability is Gluttony. The ability improves the speed of consuming (mushrooms) and using medkits by 15%. As players level up the character, the ability gives a huge boost. There are 6 levels for Maxim, and at the optimum level, the speed of eating and usage of medkits increases by 40%.

Wukong cannot restore HP like Alok, A124. As Wukong doesn’t have healing ability and he has no other advantages rather than turning into a bush, it is best to have a healing character in the combination. Maxim cannot provide any health restoration, but, he can inject a medkit at a faster level. You can use medkits while the Wukong ability is in active mode. You can use a total of 5 medkits while you are in the form of a bush. Maxim is the best character combination for Wukong.

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best character combinations for wukong
Joseph character in Free Fire

Joseph has an ability called ‘Nutty Movement’ and this ability can get you to escape from situations where you would think that you were going down. With this ability, Movement speed increased by 20% for 1 second upon taking damage. That second is pretty much enough to get you in a place that you can take cover and retrieve.

Joseph’s ability can be combined with Wukong and it makes the best choice in the combination for Wukong. Joseph with Wukong is one of the best choices to use in Free Fire Clash Squad. Alternatively, you can choose Elite Kelly character instead of joseph which functions as same as Joseph.

3. Hayato

best character combination for wukong
hayato Character in Free Fire

Hayato has a couple of skills with his Awakening form. Hayato’s Bushido skill can increases the armour penetration by 7.5%, with a 10% reduction in maximum HP. At the maximum level, every 10% decrease in the maximum HP results in a 10% increase in armour penetration.

Hayato‘s skill or ability can increase damage when you hit enemies using the Wukong one. The damage dealt will be higher and thus the enemy will get knocked in a few hits. Hence Hayato is one of the best character combinations with Wukong.

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