Free Fire City Open 2021: Zero Degree emerged as the champions of Ahmedabad Regional Finals

Team Zero Degree has emerged as champions in the Ahmedabad Finals of FFCO 2021. The team finished on the top with 75 points and bagged their place in the National finals.

free fire city open 2021

Free Fire City Open 2021 is an ongoing nationwide tournament and currently, regional finals are going on. 12 teams from each region will compete with each other in their respective regional finals for their qualification to the next round. Today, the Ahmedabad Regional Finals of FFCO 2021 had concluded with TEAM OP being the table toppers and the champions of Delhi Finals.

Team Zero Degree has finished top on the overall standings with 75 points along with 35 kills points and they have secured two booyah’s out of six. Following them close were Team Extreme and Team conqueror bagging second and third spots with 71 & 65 points respectively. Team Extreme has missed the first spot with just 4 points!

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Ahmedabad Teams for FFCO 2021

The teams ranked from 2-4th spots will be given a chance by qualifying to Regional Play-Ins. The teams ranked from 5-12 will be eliminated from the FFCO 2021 tournament.

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Free Fire City Open Ahmedabad Finals Overall Standings

free fire city open
Free Fire City Open Ahmedabad Finals 2021
  • Match 1: Match one of the Ahmedabad Regional Finals had been played in Bermuda Map. Team Revolution had led this match which they got Booyah with 10 kills in total. Team Warhouse finished 2nd with 4 kills.
  • Match 2: Match 2 of the Ahmedabad Regional Finals had been played on Purgatory. Zero Degree had bagged the first position with booyah in this match with 11 kills. Team Underdog_77 clinched the second spot with 7 kills. Team Extreme performed well and clinched the third spot with 8 kills.
  • Match 3: Match 3 of the Ahmedabad Regional Finals had been played on Kalahari. Team Extreme has won this match by securing a total of 8 kills in which TEX.Fardin alone secured 6 kills and awarded the MVP of the match. Following them close was Bolt Regiment with 0 kills secured second place in this match.
  • Match 4: Match 4 of the Ahmedabad Regional Finals had been played in Bermuda Map. CitySlums won this match with 8 kills whereas Fearless-4 finished second with 10 kills.
  • Match 5: Match 5 of the Ahmedabad Regional Finals had been played on Purgatory. Team Zero degree won this match with 10 kills where Bolt Regiment finished second with 7 frags to their name.
  • Match 6: Final match of the Ahmedabad Regional Finals had been played on Kalahari. Team City Slums had won this match with 7 kills where their Teammate Pheonix had awarded with the MVP for taking 5 kills. Team Conqueror finished second with six kills. Team Extreme performed well in this match but got third place in the match with 9 kills.
Free Fire City Open
Free Fire City open Tournament Format

The next regional finals of FFCO 2021 is the Hyderabad finals on June 22 which will be live-streamed on Free Fire eSports YouTube channel from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM IST. Click here to cist the channel.

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