Free Fire City Open National Finals: Qualified Teams, Prize pool, Where to watch and more

Free Fire City open 2021 National Finals are scheduled to take place on August 15, 2021. Here are all the qualified teams, prize pool and additional details.

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all images via FF esports India Official YT channel

Free Fire City Open 2021 (FFCO) is going to be concluded with National Finals which are scheduled to take place on August 15, 2021. The tournament has witnessed some of the finest performances from several underdogs teams in the Indian country. The National finals will decide Free Fire city Open 2021 champions and will receive a 15 lakhs prize pool.

FFCO 2021 is an Indian-region exclusive tournament and is announced with a 60 Lakhs INR prize pool. The tournament has started in April and has run excellently so far. Some cheating and hacking teams were identified and disqualified from the tournament. Now it is up to 12 teams(8 teams from eight regional finals, 2 teams from wild card finals, 2 teams from Play-ins finals) to fight for the ultimate championship title and prize pool.

Following are the teams that have made it to the FFCO 2021 National finals.

Free Fire City Open National Finals Qualified Teams

free fire city open 2021

1. Team OP (Delhi regional finals Winners)

2. Zero Degree (Ahmedabad regional finals Winners)

3. Captains (Hyderabad regional finals Winners)

4. Head Hunters (Kolkata regional finals Winners)

5. Jalikattu Tamilnadu (Chennai regional finals Winners)

6. Ankush Free Fire Esports (Lucknow regional finals Winners)

7. Galaxy Racer – 4 Unknown (Mumbai regional finals Winners)

8. Last Hope (Vizag regional finals Winners)

9. Pro Nation (Qualified team from Wildcard Finals)

10. Titanium Army (Qualified team from Wildcard Finals)

11. Team Elite (City Play-ins Finals Winners)

12. Raven Esports (City Play-ins Finals runner-up)

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FFCO 2021 National Finals Prize Pool Distribution

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Team RankingPrize Pool
1st15,00,000 INR
2nd7,50,000 INR
3rd5,00,000 INR
4th3,00,000 INR
5th2,00,000 INR
6th2,00,000 INR
7th1,50,000 INR
8th1,50,000 INR
9th1,00,000 INR
10th1,00,000 INR
11th50,000 INR
12th50,000 INR
MVP50,000 INR
The team who scored top kills1,00,000 INR

FFCO 2021 is announced with a 60 lakhs INR prize pool which is approximately equal to $82,772 USD. So, the champions of the FFCO 2021 will receive the best of the prize pool i.e., 15 lakhs INR and the runner-ups will receive 7,50,00 INR. Each stage of the tournament (city regional finals, wildcard finals, city-play-ins x3 rounds) boasted a total of 2 lakhs INR prize pool.

Where to Watch

The National Finals will be streamed Live on the official Free Fire Esports India YouTube channel and Booyah! streaming app. The live stream starts on August 15th at 6:00 PM in the evening and ends around 9 PM IST and is available in English, Hindi, Tamil and Bengali Languages.

Team Elite has shown massive destruction over all other teams in City Play-ins and has completely dominated the finals day. Moreover, the team has performed well in Free Fire Pro League but failed to clinch the title. Team Captains has dominated Hyderabad Finals. It will be intriguing to see which team will become the champions of FFCO 2021.

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