How To Top-Up Free Fire Diamonds On Moogold For June 2021

There are various ways to top-up diamonds in Free Fire. Moogold is one of the most trusted websites that you can rely on to top up diamonds. Here we will discuss how to top-up free fire diamonds on moogold.


Diamonds are the premium in-game currency of Free Fire and are used for buying different elite items in-game. Free Fire diamonds on Moogold can be top-up. However, they aren’t for free players have to spend real money to purchase them. You can top-up diamonds on various websites and “Moogold” is one of them.

Diamonds can be used to buy Elite pass, Gun Skins, participate in events, and to buy characters. There are several means by which a user can buy Free Fire diamonds and top-up websites. Here we will discuss how to top-up Free Fire diamonds on top-up website such as MooGold for June 2021.

Steps To Top-Up Free Fire Diamonds On Moogold

free fire diamonds on moogold
Moogold Top-Up Website

Every game has its own currency likewise in Free Fire we top-up Diamonds, Diamonds can be used to buy Elite pass, Gun Skins, participate in events, and to buy characters. These Diamonds are not free and have to be brought using your money, there are many ways to top-up diamonds some people try to buy diamonds from Third party websites, to get discounts as they feel that topping-up diamonds in-game is expensive.

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Steps To Top-Up Diamonds On Free Fire:-

MooGold is one of the most used and trusted top-up websites amongst the players. Players can directly procure their currency by entering their Player ID. Follow the steps given below to purchase Free Fire Diamonds from the official website:

Step 1: In the first step you should open the website first. You can go to the website using this link here.

Step 2: Click on the Free Fire option. Select the required currency and enter the Player ID in the text field.

To-Up Diamonds On Moogold
Diamonds Top-Up

Step 3: In the this step, choose the required top-up option and click on the “Add to Cart” button.

Step 4: Click on the “Proceed to checkout” option. Diamonds will soon be added to the accounts of the players after making a successful payment.

The Top-ups available on Moogold are:

100110 (only for first time users)₹ 86
210231(only first-time users₹ 172.36
530538(Only First-time users)₹ 430.90
645No bonus₹ 534.91
1080No bonus₹ 829.67
10801188(Only for First-time users)₹ 861.79
2200No bonus₹ 1747.08
22002420(only for First time users)₹ 1723.48
4450No Bonus₹  3494.17
6900No Bonus₹  5237.33

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