Free Fire Diwali After Party event: How to get Craftland Room Card for free?

The Free Fire Diwali After Party event has many weapon loot crates , vouchers and a Craftland Room card to obtain!

Free Fire Diwali After Party
Free Fire Diwali After Party

Free Fire is currently brimming from the events that were introduced into the game for the occasion of Diwali. One of the events features redeeming cosmetic and Craftland Room Card for free using tokens earned from finishing missions!

The players simply need to finish a few missions in the given duration in order for a chance to get the free items! The Diwali festival is celebrated across the Indian subcontinent with much gusto and the same is reflected in the in-game events.

Here we take a look at the Free Fire Diwali After Party Event which can give a chance to the players to win a Craftland Room Card!

Free Fire Diwali After Party

Free Fire Diwali After Party
Craftland Room card Free Fire

This event will run from 5th November, 2021 till 11th November, 2021 and will reward the players with a variety of weapon loot crates, vouchers and a Craftland Room card if redeemed.

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The players simply need to collect tokens by completing missions and use them to redeem a variety of rewards. The following daily missions needs to be completed:

  • Kill Enemies 1 Time:1 Present Token
  • Play 1 times in CS ranked: 1 Present token
  • Play 3 times with a friend: 1 Present token
  • Booyah 1 time: 1 Present Token
  • and much more!
Free Fire Diwali After Party
Free Fire Diwali After Party

The daily missions will be refreshed each day with new ones and can be finished by the players with the 24 hours.

The prizes that the players can redeem are:

  • 3 Present Token: Gold Royale Voucher
  • 5 Present Tokens: Vandal Revolt Weapon Loot crate
  • 5 Present Tokens: Old Fashioned Weapon Loot Crate
  • 10 Present Tokens: Craftland Room Card

How to redeem the tokens?

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  • Players will get the Tokens when finishing the missions and it will be stored in their inventory.
  • Open the Calendar section on the right side of the home screen and then the “Celebrate Diwali” tab on the top.
  • Players need to locate the “After Part” tab on the left by scrolling down.
  • Open this and click on the “Exchange” section on the right to start redeeming the rewards!

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