Free Fire Diwali Top up 3: Get Gloo wall and weapon loot crate!

The Free Fire Diwali Top up 3 is the last Diwali top up event and features two great cosmetics for the player to get!

Free Fire Diwali Top
Free Fire Diwali Top 3 event

Free Fire And Free Fire Max have been on a festive spree with the oncoming festival of Diwali right around the corner. Here is the Free Fire Diwali Top up 3 event which will provide free items upon topping up some diamonds in the game.

Free Fire developers at Garena owe a huge chunk of their player base in India and thus festivities in the sub-continent is reflected in the game. Diwali is the festival of lights and the in-game scene is all about Diwali right now. Many new events have been introduced in the game for the player to complete and get great rewards! Here is all about the Free Fire Diwali Top up 3 event!

Free Fire Diwali Top up 3

Free Fire Diwali Top
Free Fire Diwali Top 3

Top up events in Free Fire are very common and offer a chance for the players to get free items and more. These only have one rule, and that is to top-up diamonds within the given time limit.

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There have already been two prior top-up events themed in Diwali and this is the latest one to arrive in the game. It features two cosmetics for accessories and weapons that can be quite awesome to obtain.

The event will run in the game from 29th October till 4th November, 2021, effectively ending with Diwali. Players need to top up the set amount of diamond anytime during this, to get the rewards.

However, players should keep in mind that topping up diamonds requires you to spend real money. The event features the following:

Free Fire Diwali Top
Free Fire Diwali Top: Weapon Loot Crate

AC80- Fury Tribe Weapon Loot Crate: Top up 100 diamonds

Free Fire Diwali Top
Gloo Wall Skin

Gloo Wall-Stick No Bills: Top up 300 Diamonds

How to redeem the rewards?

  • First of all top-up diamonds in Free Fire using any third-party website like GamesKharido, etc, or through the in-game store itself.
  • Open the Garena Free Fire app, and navigate to the Calendar section of the game on the top right.
  • Click on the “Celebrate Diwali” Tab on the top middle and then on the “Diwali Top Up III” on the left side.
  • Players can now redeem the rewards from this screen and it will directly be sent into the Vault.

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