Free Fire: DJ Alok vs A124 character comparison

In this article we compare two characters from the Free Fire roster, DJ Alok and A124.


Garena Free Fire has a lot of characters in it’s roster. Players can pick anyone from this list after unlocking them as they play. Now most of these characters except Adam and Eve ( the starting characters ) have special abilities. These character specific abilities help both the player and provide buffs to teammates. Picking the effective character is essential to increasing the chances of survival on the battlefield. In this article we compare two Free Fire characters, A124 and DJ Alok.

Free Fire Character DJ Alok

DJ Alok’s character description describes him as a world famous DJ. Fittingly his special ability is called “Drop the Beat“. This ability creates an aura with a radius of 5m around the character. The Ability increases the movement speed of allies in the aura by 10% initially and also restores 5HP per second for 5 seconds. Additionally, character level up cards can upgrade this ability. At the highest level, the ability increases ally movement speed by 15% and HP regeneration duration increases to 10 seconds, while still healing at 5HP/sec. DJ Alok costs 599 diamonds in the game.

Character A124: The Robot

A124’s description makes her out as a robot made with modern technology. Her ability, Thrill of Battle allows her to convert 25 energy points (EP) into Health Points(HP) on the go. This ability has a cooldown of 90 seconds. At the highest level, the ability enables her to convert 50EP into HP. Additionally, the cooldown is reduced to 60 seconds, opposed to 90 at the base level. A124 can be picked up for 499 Diamonds in game.

A124’s ability caters more to a solo playstyle and is by no means a bad one. But Alok’s ability to restore health while providing a significant movement speed buff edges out A124. Though you should always remember that a character must be chose based on your playstyle and what compliments it best.

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