Free Fire: DJ Alok vs K – Who is the better character to use in 2021?

Dj alok and K both are two popular characters of Free Fire. Both possess tremendous healing abilities. This post compares K to DJ Alok to know which character has best healing ability.

DJ Alok vs K

Free Fire has a plethora of skins, cosmetics, weapons, events, characters, and many more. The addition of characters in Free Fire is one of the best inclusion that the game has ever made. After several additions of many characters, there are currently a total of 39 characters featured in Free Fire. However, we can expect that we will get to see more powerful characters in future.

Each character in Free Fire does possess a unique ability of various skill types which assist players to get the most out of their gameplay. DJ Alok and K are two such characters in Free Fire who possess good healing abilities than all other characters. Most of the players want to compare them to know which character is best to use after the OB27 update.

This page compares K to the most coveted character DJ Alok to acknowledge which character is best to use: DJ Alok vs K.

Assessing the abilities of DJ Alok and K in Free Fire

DJ Alok – Drop The Beat

Dj alok vs k
Dj Alok in Free fire

DJ Alok is the most desired character in Free Fire. Popular for its active ability called Drop the Beat, the ability creates a 5-meter radius in which it boosts the movement speed by enhancing the movement speed by 10%. Also, the ability increases the healing power to up to 5 HP for a maximum of 5 seconds.

His ability can be maximized to level six by using character level-up cards. The max level increases ally movement speed by 15% and restores HP by 5HP/s for 10 seconds.

Drop the ability is one of the best abilities that one should possess in order to gain an advantage on the battlefield. DJ Alok is much popular for his active skill ability.

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K – Master of All

DJ Alok vs K
K character in Free fire

K has one of the unique abilities in Free Fire, which has two various modes, by which the max EP of the players is boosted to 50.

Jiujitsu Mode: Team Mates within 6m radius receive a 500% increase in their EP conversion rate.

Psychology Mode: Restores 2 EP every three seconds with up to 100 EP.

Only the Psychology Mode gets to level up to a maximum of the sixth level. Using it, the players can recover 2 EP every two seconds with up to 150 EP. A cooldown of 20 seconds will be there between shifting modes.

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Comparison – DJ Alok vs K

Both characters have good healing abilities out of all the featured characters in Free Fire. They have tremendous abilities which would be a great help for players on the battlefield. Looking at the K’s ability, the ability increases the EP conversion rate by 500%. That means it restores 5 HP per second. The EP also gets a boost if you have it. But there is a 20-second cooldown between sifting modes of K’s ability which is a drawback of its good ability. Meanwhile, Drop the Beat increases HP directly as well as the increased movement speed of the allies.

If you are a rank pusher, you can go with K character which helps you a lot in maintaining health even in danger zones. DJ Alok is best for rush gameplay.

With all of these factors, it comes down to the preferable choice of users. The users can select any of the above character based on their gameplay style and interest.

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