Free Fire: DJ Alok vs Shirou Who Is Better In April 2021?

Free Fire is the best mobile battle royale title with it's vast character roster. Here we will discuss who is better in Chrono vs Wukong to play with in April 2021.

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Free Fire is the most downloaded mobile battle royale title. The reason behind it is their variety of characters.

DJ Alok and Shirou are now two of the most sought-after characters in the game. Here we will discuss who is better in ‘DJ Alok vs Shirou’ comparison.

Shirou’s Ability: Damage Delivered

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Shirou Ability

In Free Fire Shirou is the fastest delivery guy around. He has a passive ability called Damage Delivered.

At the base level, when the player is hit by an enemy within a 50m radius, the attacker is marked for 3 seconds (only visible to the player). The first shot on the marked opponent has a 10% additional armor penetration. The ability has a cooldown period of 60 seconds.

At the maximum level, when an enemy shoots the player in a 100m radius, he gets marked for eight seconds. The first shot on the marked opponent has 100% additional armor penetration. The cooldown duration is 10 seconds.

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DJ Alok’s Ability: Drop The Beat

DJ Alok vs Shirou
DJ Alok’s Ability

DJ Alok has an active ability called Drop the Beat, which can create a 5m aura that increases the ally movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP/s for five seconds.

His power can be boosted to level six using character level-up cards. The max level increases ally movement speed by 15% and restores HP by 5HP/s for 10 seconds.

DJ Alok vs Shirou: Who Is Better?

Shirou has a great ability to tag an enemy for a certain period of time while also having additional armor penetration damage. Meanwhile, DJ Alok offers a great healing source along with increased ally movement speed.

However, in terms of versatility of use, DJ Alok is a much better and more useful character than Shirou in Free Fire. So the winner of DJ Alok vs Shirou is unarguably DJ Alok.

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