Leaks: Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 Rewards, Release Date and More

Garena Free Fire releases new elite pass at 1st of every month. Here in this article we will take a look at new Free Fire elite pass season 39 and it's rewards too.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39
Free Fire Season 39 Lite Pass

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 will be out soon and players can receive many free rewards alongside exclusive rewards from the new pass through pre-order. Here in this article we will take a look at the upcoming new Elite Pass season 39 rewards, release date and more.

The Free Fire Elite Pass Season 38 provides users with many exclusive in-game items, costume bundles and more. The pass becomes active from August 1st, 2021 and contains a two versions for players to choose from. The Elite Pass and Elite Bundle they cost around 499 and 999 diamonds respectively.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 Release Date

free fire elite pass season 39
Season 39 Rewards

The latest elite pass in Free Fire season 39 will come in-game from 1st August and is known by the name “Flaming Scarecrows“. Players can pre-order it for 1200 diamonds to get an exclusive Flaming Scarecrow Grenade skin and the Lantern backpack skin. These skins will not come back in later updates.

The main two sets of costumes for season 39 are based on scarecrows, with the male set turning players into a real flaming scarecrow. The best part of the set is probably the burning top – it reveals the core of the body filled with fire. The hat and trenchcoat are fairly cool as well – with a burning top and flame effect.

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Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 Rewards

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39

The rewards of the new season 39 elite pass are as follows:

  1. Pick-Up Truck Skin – 0 Badges
  2. Avatar – 10 Badges
  3. Jacket – 15 Badges
  4. Banner – 30 Badges
  5. Female Bundle – 50 Badges
  6. Treatment Gun Skin – 80 Badges
  7. Backpack – 100 Badges
  8. Banner – 115 Badges
  9. Parang Skin – 125 Badges
  10. Avatar – 135 Badges
  11. The Walker Emote – 140 Badges
  12. Surfboard Skin – 150 Badges
  13. Loot Box Skin – 200 Badges
  14. Male Bundle – 225 Badges
season 39 male bundle
Season 39 Male Bundle

The latest elite pass is also said to feature a new emote in the exclusive rewards section. The new emote is called “The Walker Emote” with it’s description saying “Waking Up Fresh In The Morning“. This is the list of the leaked Elite Pass season 39 rewards, release date and more.

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