Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39: List of All rewards (free and elite rewards)

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 (titled 'Wildland Walkers') has been released today i.e., on August 1. Here are all the rewards of this season's EP (includes free and paid rewards).

free fire elite pass season 39

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 hits the servers today after being available for pre-order from July 29-31. The new Elite pass is titled ‘Wildland Walkers ‘ and it brings some of the finest rewards which involve both paid and free rewards. This article will list all free rewards of the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39.

Garena launches a new elite pass each month consisting of several items including Vouchers, weapon skins, backpack skins, vehicle skin, and season-themed bundles etc. Each reward is set to unlock after achieving a certain number of badges which are called Elite pass badges. Each badge will boast a new symbol each month of its elite pass. You will get these badges by playing the game or you can buy them with diamonds. By using them the players can claim the rewards after reaching the reward’s respective number.

next elite pass in free fire 39

The new Elite Pass Season 39 is coming up with numerous in-game items, costume bundles and more. The pass becomes active from today i.e., 1st August and contains a couple of versions, the Elite Pass and Elite Bundle. They cost around 499 and 999 diamonds respectively.

The earlier Elite pass Season 38 which is titled ‘Guns For Hire’ has been concluded yesterday and as usual, a new Elite pass season 39 has rolled out today after 3 days of successful pre-order. Similar to all other passes, this season Elite pass has also come with various exclusive cosmetics.

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Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39: List of all free rewards

free fire elite pass season 39

The all-new Elite Pass S39 goes live today and will be active for the next 31 days starting from August 1St, 2021. Apart from the exclusive Elite pass paid rewards, there are plenty of free rewards up for grabs. Players will have to complete given tasks or missions to obtain a number of badges and unlock their free rewards to claim. The Season 39 Elite Pass rewards include the following items:

Unlocks at BadgesFree RewardPaid Reward(Only claimed by Elite Pass owners)
0Gold x50Pickup Truck Skin(Wildland Walker)
5Banner5x Sumon AIrdrp
103x ScanBanner
15Wildland Walker Female Jacket
201x Pet Food1x Weapon Royale voucher
25Resupply Map play card
301xGold VoucherBanner
35500x Gold
40Wildland Walker male Jacket 1x Diamond Royale voucher
451x Bounty Token Play card
501x Diamond Royale voucher Fiery Scarecrow Bundle (Female)
553x pet food
601x Fragment Crate 1x Diamond Royale Voucher
65Double EXP Card
701x Discount Coupon2x Evo Gun Token Box
75100x Universal Fragments
801x Pet Food Treatment Gun Scarecrow
851x Evo Token Gun Box 5x Resupply Map
90300x Gold 1x Weapon Royale voucher
953x Pet Food
100WildLand Walker T-shirt Lantern of Doom Backpack skin
1051x Scan PLay card
110500x Gold
1203x Summon Airdrop3x Scan
125Wildland Slasher
1301x Gold Royale Voucher100x Universal Fragments
1403x Resupply Map The Walker Emote
1451x Evo Token Gun Box Double Gold Card (7Dyas)
150AvatarWicked Broomstick Surfboard
1551x Summon Ai Drop Play card
160500x Gold3x Pet Food
165100x Universal Fragments
1701x Fragment Case II10x Cube Fragment
1751x Bonfire Play card
1803x BonfiresEvolution stone
1855x Bounty Token
1901x Gold Royale Voucher 1x Discount Coupon
1955x Evo TOken Gun box
200Scarecrow Strikes Parachute skinWalker’s Fury Loot Box
2051x Evo Token Gun Box 100x Universal Fragments
2103x Gold Royale Voucher3x Pet food
215500x Universal Fragments
2203x Bounty Token 5x Bon Fire
225500x Universal FragmentsBlazing Scarecrow Male Bundle
250Elite Pass Exclusive
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How can I get Free Fire elite pass for free?

The Elite pass has to be purchased in the game, and thus players can get the Free Fire Elite Pass for 499 Diamonds in the game. They can also get the Elite Bundle for 999 Diamonds in the game. It is not officially available for free. You can Top-up diamonds for buying an Elite Pass or bundle from Games KharidoCoda Shop or in-game shop.

How do you get 2021 elite pass for free?

There are several ways by which players can claim Elite Pass for free one such way is by watching live streams and participating in the events on Garena’s official streaming platform Booyah!. Several events run on the Booyah! Application, which is a dedicated Garena app for gaming content. In them, users generally have to submit clips and have a shot at obtaining diamonds for free in-game.

How do you get free diamonds on Free Fire and elite pass?

3 Ways To Get Free Diamonds For Free Fire Season 39 Elite Pass:

  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Redeem codes giveaway
  • Booyah App

What is the difference between an elite pass and Elite bundle in Free Fire?

Each Elite pass set a certain number of Elite badges on each reward, which players have to attain to unlock the reward for claiming it. ELite Pass and Elite bundle cost various amounts. Elite pass will cost you 499 diamonds whereas the Elite bundle will cost 999 diamonds.

Free Fire Elite Pass S39
Free Fire Elite Pass S39

Is elite pass permanent in free fire?

No, each elite will run only for a month. A new elite is introduced at the beginning of each month and is taken down on the last day of the month in which it was released.

What is elite pass in free fire?

A new Elite Pass in Free Fire is added every month by the developers which introduce a plethora of free and paid rewards. It brings a lot of skins, cosmetic bundles and many more.

How many elite pass in free fire?

A new Elite pass is launched by developers every month. As of today i.e., August 1st, 2021, there are a total of 39 Elite passes in Free Fire.

What is the next season elite pass in free fire?

This new Elite pass season 39 has released today itself i.e., August 1st, 2021, the next season elite pass season 40 would launch on September 1st, 2021.

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