Free Fire India eSports Awards : All you need to know

Free Fire has been making waves in the gaming industry over the past year. Here's what you need to know about the Free Fire India eSports Awards

free fire india esports awards

2020 was without a massive year for mobile gaming. One of the biggest winners in this year is Free Fire. Free Fire has gained a massive following over the last year. There have been various tournaments featuring players around the world. There is also a great content creation community built around the game. Free Fire was awarded the title of best mobile game at the eSports awards. It is one of the most downloaded games of the year. Free Fire India recently made a huge announcement for fans of the game. Here is Everything you need to know about the Free Fire India eSports Awards.

Nominees for the upcoming Awards for Indian Free Fire players

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Here are the nominees for the upcoming eSports Awards.

Free Fire India Esports Fragger of the Year?

  • Golden
  • VasiyoCRJ7
  • 4UN-Anand

Free Fire India Esports Squad Captain of the Year?

  • TG-FozyAjay
  • Jonty

Free Fire India Esports Casting Duo of the Year?

  • MambaSR & Aura
  • Evil & AB
  • fLoki & Kripz
  • AB & Aura

Free Fire India Esports Sniper of the Year?

  • Pahadi
  • MG-Aayush

Free Fire India Esports Best Play of the Year?

  • TG-MAFIABALA’s Sniper Clutch
  • UG Empire’s Super Squad Wipe
  • VasiyoCRJ7’s Play in FFCS Asia Finals
  • 4UN-Swastik’s crazy fight

There are 5 awards categories with four nominations in each category.Voting for this awards event commenced on January 1st. The voting window closes on the Third of January. You can vote by filling out this Google Form.

That was our article regarding the Free Fire India eSports Awards.

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