Garena Free Fire Announced Khelo Bangladesh Cup In New Server

Khelo Bangladesh Cup
Khelo Bangladesh Cup

The latest country in the long list of regions to get their own servers is Bangladesh, which recently received dedicated servers. Here in this article we will take a look at the new Khelo Bangladesh Cup announced by the game.

Garena Free Fire has witnessed continuous growth over the years. Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore has become the most popular esports event of all time. The developers of the title have been trying to make the game accessible worldwide by introducing regional servers for different countries.

Khelo Bangladesh Cup Format and Teams

Khelo Bangladesh Cup
Teams For Khelo Bangladesh Cup

To commemorate the launch of the new servers, Free Fire announced the Khelo Bangladesh Cup, a duo tournament with a prize of 100K in-game diamonds. The tournament features 24 influencers chosen by the community who have been paired against 24 professional players. These duos will fight against each other in a total of 4 matches to decide the winner.

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Khelo Bangladesh Cup

Teams Participating In Khelo Bangladesh Cup

  • Mr. Triple R
  • Gaming with Nayeem
  • Gaming with Zihad
  • Gaming with Talha is Back
  • Mama Gaming
  • ZikuVai Official
  • SihabFF YT
  • Jewel the NoobGamer
  • Roasted Gaming YT
  • Johan Vai
  • Sadia’s Gaming
  • Gaming With Nishaan
  • Gaming Shakib
  • Free Fire Alchemists
  • Subrata 2 kill
  • Kazi Arpa Gaming
  • Venom34 FF
  • Mr. ASIK YT
  • Gamer Azha
  • Gamer King
  • Gaming With Dipu
  • Clashing Papa

Players can watch the tournament live on the official YouTube channel of Free Fire Bangladesh to watch the live feed. The tournament will take place on June 19th 2021 and will start at 6:30 PM BST.

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