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Free Fire Max vs Call Of Duty Mobile: Which Game Is Better For October 2021?

Free Fire Max and COD Mobile are the two most popular titles in the mobile battle royale genre. Here we will take a look at Free Fire Max vs Call Of Duty Mobile to check which game is better among the two.

Free Fire Max vs Call Of Duty Mobile

Garena Free Fire Max has amassed a huge fanbase despite the fact that it launched just a few months back. Here in this article, we will take a look at Free Fire Max vs Call Of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile) to check which game is better for October 2021.

Call Of Duty Mobile is the mobile version of the popular FPS game franchise Call Of Duty. The game is very popular just like its forerunners. Whereas, Free Fire Max is the improved version of Free Fire which can be predicted from the name itself. Let’s take a look at Free Fire Max vs Call Of Duty Mobile to compare various aspects like graphics, game modes and more.

Free Fire Max vs Call Of Duty Mobile: Graphics Comparison

Free Fire Max Graphics

The most important aspect of any title is the graphics and mechanics in the game. Let’s take a look at COD Mobile first the title runs on the Unity engine and has very appealing and great visual graphics. The mechanics of the title are also close to perfection whether it be reloading effects or shooting mechanics.

On the other hand, Free Fire Max has improved its graphics from its predecessor but still, they are no match for COD Mobile and mechanics are also not up to that level of CODM.

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System Requirements

Call of Duty Mobile System Requirements

System compatibility plays an important role as it makes the title popular among a huge audience. Free Fire Max eats up 1.75 GB of storage space with all the maps and costume bundles downloaded. For Free Fire Max system requirements are as follows:


  • Operating System: Android 4.4 or above
  • RAM – 2 GB


  • Operating system: iOS 11 or higher
  • RAM -2GB at minimum

COD Mobile’s specs demand at least an Android device equipped with 3 GB of RAM and the latest processor chip. It can still run pretty well on low and mid-range devices but will not be the most fluid experience at around 30 FPS. The title consumes almost 2.5 GB of storage space when downloaded without any add-ons.

Game Modes And Maps

COD Mobile Game Modes

Call Of Duty Mobile offers many game modes other than Battle Royale mode for players to enjoy which includes Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination and Search and Destroy. Other than these modes some featured modes are Holiday Aftermath, Secondary School, PTFO, Rapid Fire, Cranked, Hardcore. When it comes to maps COD mobile has only three maps in the BR mode namely Classic, Blitz and Alcatraz.

Whereas Free Fire Max offers Clash Squad, Team Deathmatch, Rush Hour and more modes other than its usual Battle Royale mode. Free Fire Max offers more maps than COD mobile i.e, four to be precise namely Bermuda, Purgatory, Kalahari, Bermuda 2.0.

Free Fire Max vs Call Of Duty Mobile: Which Game Is Better?

Although both the titles hold separate loyal fanbase when we compare the games. It becomes evident initially that Call of Duty Mobile will emerge victorious in terms of high graphics, better mechanics as the title offers a better user experience. However, it requires more space and RAM than Free Fire Max making it not performing well on low-end devices. This makes Free Fire Max a winner as it offers minimal system requirements.

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