Free Fire New Characters, pets, lobby and more: OB26 Advance Server Updates

We take a look at the new Free Fire OB26 Updates.


Free Fire is a huge title in the battle royale scene. Moreover the game is a survival battle royale developed by Garena Games. Likewise the game has garnered a massive player base throughout the world. After the last OB25 update, which was a massive success, developers have planned to release the new update called OB26. In this article we take a look at Free Fire OB26 Updates and the related changes that are coming to live servers.

Free Fire OB26 Updates: Listed

New Character – Shirou


The latest character to be revealed in the game is Shirou. Likewise he has a ability called Damage Delivered. This ability marks the player who hits you within a 50m radius. This mark is only visible to the player and the duration is 3 seconds. Moreover the first shot fired against the marked target does 10% additional armor penetration.

At max level the duration increases to 7 seconds and armor penetration increases to 90%.

New Mystery character

There is also another new character whose name is only revealed as Mystery Character. But his ability is called Riptide Rhythm. This unleashes a sonic wave forward, which damages gloo walls within 20m. Moreover gloo walls used will have increasing HP recovery. This ability has a cooldown of 65 seconds.

New Pet – Dreki

There is news of a new pet that will be released called Dreki. Its ability is called Dragon Glare. Moreover this ability lets the player spot 4 opponents who are using Medkits within a 30m radius. The duration of this ability is 5 seconds.

This pet costs 10 diamonds in the store.

New Lobby

The game has a new in-game lobby. It features a caged combat arena inside an enclosed stadium.

New Shotgun MAG-7 and throwable knives

The ON26 update is also marked by the release of a new weapon. This is the new MAG-7 Shotgun and holds eight rounds of SG ammo.

Likewise there is a certain knife added, that players can throw from a certain distance to damage opponents.

Gloo Wall Training mode

A new training mode has been added which allows players to train and learn how to use gloo walls.

New Sensitivity setting

A new option for sensitivity setting has been added to the “Free Look” option. Likewise it is expected to improve the TPP experience.

New Training Mode

The existing training mode is revamped and there are many changes implemented in it.

These are the new changes bought in with the new Free Fire OB26 Updates.

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