Free Fire New Event: Booyah Buddy and How to open it in the game

Garena Free Fire has released a new event named Booyah Buddy. The event's feature shows all mach records, performance of a player which ultimately helps them to know their strengths and weakness in-game. Here is all you need know about it.

Booyah Buddy event free fire

Garena Free Fire launches a new event named Booyah Buddy in Free Fire on May 24 th. The all new event brings a new feature to check player march records, in-game performances and compete with friends by comparing their stats.

Free Fire is known for its unique features, gameplay modes, characters, skins, bundles, cosmetics and pets. Apart from all these, the developers release frequent updates and new events in to the game to give players a refreshing gaming experience regularly. The game has been trending over the past couple of years and it has partnered up with many big famous brands and real-life personalities.

This article shares an overview of the Free Fire new event Booyah Buddy and also gives the guide on how you can operate the new event in Free Fire.

About the new Booyah Buddy event in Free Fire

Booyah Buddy
Main UI of this new event

The new event can be treated as a new feature by which every player can check out his in-game match records of wins, kills etc. They can get an overview over their performance in the game and many more. Additionally, players can share and compare their stats with their friend by using this new feature.

The new features shows all of your in-game combat stats such as kills, wins, win rate, headshot rate, damage along with the most used guns. The feature shares an in-game player report or profile weekly for both modes that the game features: Classic (BR) and Clash Squad.

Booyah Buddy
Weapon proficiency (Source: One for all Gaming- youtube)

How to open Booyah Buddy feature in Free Fire

Follow the given steps below to access the Free Fire’s new in-game event:

Step 1: Open Free Fire on your device. On the main screen lobby, find and tap in the ‘Calendar’ icon which is present on the right side of the screen.

Booyah Buddy event in free fire
click on ‘Go To’ to access the event

Step 2: Search and tap on ‘Event’ segment in the Calendar section. Tap on the second option i.e., Booyah Buddy.

Step 3: Then click on ‘Go to’ Option to open it.

Th Free Fire’s new event Booyah Buddy helps players and gives them the overview of their stats in the game. That ultimately shares them their weakness, strengths in the game. By considering them, the players can improvise their gameplay.

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As we have mentioned, the feature also gives you the ability to compare your stats with the stats of your allies. Let us know how you can do that!

Step 1: First, access this new feature with the help of above process. Then click on ‘PK with friends’ option.

Boyyah Buddy event in free fire
Click on ‘Add Friends’ button

Step 2: Tap on ‘Add Friends’ option. Ask the invitation code from your friend that you want to compare.

Booyah Buddy event free fire
Copy the code and click on ‘confirm’

Step 3: Fill the code in the required dialogue box and click on ‘confirm’. The results will be shown to you.

This video will help you with above process

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